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Colorado Vacation. July 9, 2012. Breckinridge & Frisco, CO.

Welcome back to our continued series on our family vacation to Colorado! Are you sick of the pictures yet? I hope not because I took a whole bunch. (Actually Mr. C took most of these, but I have sprinkled in some iPhone shots, too.) There are lots and lots of pictures today again. You have been warned! =)

The next day, our little family loaded up in the rented Honda Civic to head to Breckinridge, Colorado. You may have heard of it. It's kind of famous for being quite the ski mecca in the wintertime. I have to say, that it was the most wonderfully quaint little town with yet another town at the top of the gondola. It was kind of crazy! And unlike our ski resort where our condo was located, you could park and ride the gondola for free. We like free, so we drove the 10 miles or so to check out the town. 

 That's how we started our day. We road up the gondola complete with jogging stroller to various levels of ski slope difficulty.

At each level, there was a ski village complete with houses & condos galore.
 When we arrived at the very top, we checked out an entire village complete with roller coaster rides, mountain bike rentals, trail guides, barbecue restaurants, and the ski slopes.
 There were so many levels going up, we entertained ourselves on the gondola by taking lots of crazy pictures of each other. In this portrait, C is giving his "falling out of the gondola" face.
 I just sat back, enjoyed the ride, and reminisced about the gondola at Opryland. Back when Opryland used to have a theme park, we'd go almost every summer because it wasn't far from my grandparents' houses. You could ride the gondola from one side of the park to the other side of the park.
 See? I told you, we were on the gondola a long time! Lots of pictures! =)

 This is just an example of what one of the villages looked like at the top of the gondola.
 It was fun, and Micah kept saying "Wow! Wow!" about all he saw.

The view coming down the mountainside.

 After the gondola, we walked into town (at the base of the mountain) to check out some sights and search for sunscreen. It appeared I had left it at the condo. I was so burned, I didn't want to get burned again!
 We enjoyed some coffee or ice cream (don't remember) while Micah enjoyed playing with his Daddy's hat.
 My little chubby bunny! His cheeks have now protruded into his chin! =)

 We walked among the shops of Breckinridge, and again, resisted the urge to buy anything. I'm not sure we really bought souvenirs on this trip. Mainly, we tried to stick to our budget since our computer problems meant buying an actual iPad on vacation which was not planned!
 We probably walked a couple of miles around town.
 On our walk back to the car, we found a fox family living in the middle of an old, historic church!
 He/She was very, very friendly and tried coming up to Micah to say hello.
Micah, of course, called him/her a "pup pup" because all furry, four legged creatures are "pup pups" these days. I'm working on the real animal names with him, but he is very insistent.
 Then came out the mate or baby. It was hard to tell because I tried to keep Micah back while Mr. C took the photos.

The husband and wife or the mother and child duo of foxes. We couldn't really tell because they were about the same size.

 After our tour of Breckinridge, we headed to Frisco, Colorado, another town not too far away. We found this bakery sign, and my brother-in-law's name is Clint. So naturally, we took a picture.
 By now, it was well after Micah's lunch time, so we decided to eat lunch picnic style in this park.
It was a fabulous place to let Micah run wild and free while we toured the various buildings from this church to homesteads to hunting cabins.  

 He enjoyed running up and down the aisle between the pews of the church.
 We let him run through the open grassy fields between buildings.

 Mommy & Daddy each took turns watching him while the other toured the historic sights. I always love a good log cabin! I got some great pictures to show my kids this year! (Always thinking like a teacher, I'm telling you.)

Finally, we were tired of chasing Micah because he tried multiple times to get inside exhibits and crawl into tight spaces where he wasn't allowed.

Finally, we corralled him as we headed into downtown Frisco for more sightseeing and shopping. Again, no money was spent, but we did get this cute picture of Micah in front of a bear.
 (The view from our condo out onto the ski resort village.)

I think my favorite part about being in a condo was the ability to come back for a quiet place where Micah could nap. The last few days of vacation, we did just that. We'd run around in the morning, then we'd crash while Micah took naps. That meant lots of time curled up on the couch watching HGTV (a luxury for this girl with no cable) every afternoon. Then, we'd head back out to our little ski village after Micah woke up for more walks along the river or dinner. It was pure relaxation!

 After Micah woke up from his nap and we had eaten our dinner, we headed up to Loveland Pass.
Right smack in the middle of the Continental Divide, it was about six miles away from our condo. We went many, many nights trying to capture the perfect sunset shot.

 If you want to see it like we actually did, check out this video.
It's pretty amazing!

 Our views from the lookout point back towards the road leading to our condo.

 Isn't the Lord magnificent and glorious?

I'm telling you. It's like looking into Jesus' eye. I can't imagine what that day will be like when I really see His face in all its glory!

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