Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are you kidding me? You've got to read this to believe it.

Today, I had a very interesting day. I spent it waiting for my phone to ring hoping (beyond hope) that the sellers would come back quickly with their counter offer. We're praying fervently for God's direction on this house purchase, so I'm on pins and needles waiting for tomorrow's deadline to come.

I walked into the teacher's lounge today to eat my lunch. We are celebrating birthdays, and I don't usually eat in there. I came today just to enjoy some company and cake with friends. At any rate, my friend Elizabeth had a student teacher observing her class today for a project at school. I'd never seen the girl before in my life. She's only here one time, and suddenly one of my friends says, "Leah, hows' that ridiculous offer going on your house?"

I laughed. "Yeah, we made a ridiculous offer. We're just waiting to hear back about the flood stuff. We'll know more tomorrow."

The student teacher burst out, "I think you are talking about my house!"

I died. I almost choked on my cake.

Me: "Um, your house? What do you mean?"

Student Teacher: "Is it on _____ (insert street name)?"

Me: "Um. Yes, yes it is."

We look dumbly at each other.

Me: "So, hi. Apparently, I'm trying to buy your house."

Student Teacher: "Yes. With a ridiculous offer. We thought it was ridiculous."

Me: "We? I thought the girl that owned it was single? I don't mean it was ridiculous."
(I looked up the title and deed online.)

Student Teacher: "You just said you thought it was ridiculous."

Me: "Well, I'm not sure I should be talking about this anymore since we're in negotiations..."

Student Teacher: "Well, she's technically single, but she's my girlfriend. It's her house, but I'm living in it with my son since she's moved to Oregon for her job."

Me: "Oh!? So she's moved already?"

Student Teacher: "Yes, but don't worry. I can tell you that she's working on the flood thing today."

Me: "Good! My agent said she was."


Me: "Well, it was nice to meet you! I have to go get my class from lunch!"

Student Teacher: "Nice to speak with you, too!"

Moral of the story: You  may never know who you are talking to, and it might just be your friendly seller's girlfriend. Who knows what will happen now! Either it was just ruined today, or she liked me. Who knows? I'm sure God's will will be clearly displayed within the next couple of days about this house. I mean, what are the chances?!?




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    1. That is crazy, isn't it? My husband said I'm talking too much which--maybe so. If so, I mean God used my own words to either make or break this deal which is technically what I prayed for. I guess we'll see! =)

  2. Oh man! I am so glad I skipped to the beginning to read this! Yikes! I'm literally on the edge of my seat here thinking "Geez people, It's January!" Just tell me what happened!" lol! Gotta go, I need to read the next few posts. :)