Friday, March 4, 2011

My birthday present that came yesterday.

For my birthday I only requested one thing: gift cards to buy pictures of Micah since his birth, gift cards to use to make photobooks, or photos of Micah.

Easy, huh? See. I'm lovely like that.

So my mama ordered this picture of Micah after we talked about those wrap around canvas frames? She ordered small picture from Sam's club to see how it would turn out. (Photo taken by Crystal Brisco Photography).

I hung the picture up in a random spot next to the fireplace for now because I'm not sure where its permanent home will be. I really like how it turned out! Thanks, Mama!!


  1. That turned out really sweet! You are wise to begin right away printing your digital pics. I didn't and now I have 4 1/2 years worth and I'm paralyzed by the thought of how much it would cost to have prints or photobooks made with SO many pictures.

  2. Yeah, but I am still overwhelmed by all the pictures. The photobook is taking me way longer than I ever intended. I may just print them off and place them in old fashioned albums.