Sunday, December 2, 2012

Complete randomness. iPhone picture updates.

Blogging has been put on the back burner for so many reasons, but as the days and (gulp!) past two years have flown by...I really reaffirm my need to blog. I want to chronicle it all. So in that spirit, I hope to do our Thanksgiving post this week, but I have to get all those pictures from my mom.

Instead, I thought I'd start out with just some iPhone pictures I have yet to post. Micah is very into reading these days, and he especially love "Bow Beer" to read. Yes, he says "bear" as "beer" and I have to chuckle every time. I promise we aren't teaching him to drink alcohol or anything, but it comes out like "beer" so whenever he asks for "beer" be warned.

I'm trying to stop and enjoy little moments in life amongst the truly hectic moments. One morning driving to work (at the crack of dawn), I came upon this marvelous sunset. It was so beautiful, I stopped to snap this photo.

My best friend from childhood, Beth, came in town to visit her parents for her dad's sixty-fifth birthday. She and I went out to breakfast at Perkins (for old times' sake) and took Micah shopping. He was cheesing it up for the camera.

Micah with his "Aunt Beth" as we Christmas shopped in our last shot of the fall shirt. 

He's never really still, this one. He's always full of life, always full of mischief. I found him one afternoon (complete with his friend "Beer") pulling absolutely everything out of this cabinet. And Copper enjoyed watching him do it, too.

Saturday mornings have become special around here. Daddy isn't home from work, so we spend some time curled up in bed with Mommy watching cartoons. It's precious.

Are you noticing a theme about Beer/Bear? He's everywhere, isn't he? Micah is addicted to him, although I won't let him leave the house for fear of losing him. One night, Micah thought it would be funny to put "boots on Beer".

He was just so proud of himself for putting those boots on Beer. I'm telling you, each and every time he says "beer" I just laugh and laugh.

Apparently, he thinks it is funny, too.

One of my favorite--accidental--shots came when we put Daddy to bed one night. Micah loves to climb up with his Daddy and pretend to go "night night" next to C. It's so precious!

The morning that I took off from work to go to Turkey Trot, Micah and I stopped for a little Dunkin Donuts date.

No one can ever accuse my boy of not liking to eat.

Some pictures are better with Instagram. 

After his party, Micah tore into his race car set from my friend Amanda (Ava's aunt).

I texted this picture to Amanda, and Micah started the following conversation:

Micah: Mommy?
Me: Yes, Micah.
Micah: No phone.
Me: You want my phone?
Micah: No, Mommy. No phone. No phone. (I was texting.)
Me: don't want me on the phone?
Micah: Yes. No phone. Mommy play. Come sit.
Me: Ok, Micah. No phone.

Called out by a two-year old. Ouch!

I couldn't remember if I posted these or not, but Amanda texted me these pics she took at Micah's birthday party.

Also a text from Amanda, and I jazzed it up with Instagram.

On Monday morning, I walked out of my garage to find this lovely dead deer between our house and the neighbor's house. Don't worry. They are avid hunters who own some land in the next county over. His son is constantly killing something, and there are at least four deer heads inside their garage on the walls. The first few times, I was shocked by this sight. As we have been here for eight years, I am no longer shocked. Although, Micah was very curious.

Micah: Mommy? Deer?
Me: Yes, that's a deer, honey.
Micah: Mommy? Deer? Night night?

Long Pause.

Me: Um, yes...well, I guess you could say the deer is night night. Yes, the deer is taking a long, permanent nap.
Micah: Um, oh. Mommy? Deer night night.

And he asks about that silly deer every day now as we back out of the driveway. He asks about the cat (their cat--Chester) and the deer going night night. What a memory! Poor child. =)

So there ya go. Some completely random updates courtesy of the iPhone.

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