Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Micah has pneumonia & a house update.

Well, we had a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

That is, until Sunday hit. And Sunday was the day to end all days. I had many things planned. First, we were going to go to church followed by a birthday party. That was going to be followed by my Moms of Faith meeting (my unincorporated MOPS group) after which I was going to a visitation at the funeral home because my principal's father passed away.

Slightly busy after just running/walking 4-7 miles the day before and enjoying a Sunday school social.

We're wild around here.

At any rate, in the middle of Sunday school, I began a coughing fit. And let's be honest, Micah has his own night full of coughing after the social. It just came on quickly, but I had forgotten to give him his Singulair. Silly parents, we brought him to church anyway thinking he just needed his allergy meds. After my coughing fit in Sunday school and my poor aching muscles just didn't think I could make it through church. I looked at C, who has had less sleep than humanly possible since "peak season" has started, and he looked exhausted, too. We instantly decided to go pick up Micah from the nursery and head home.

Micah looked awful, too.

The day went from bad to worse. I texted my friend Amanda to let her know that I was unsure about bringing Micah to Abbey's birthday party. After all, Ava (the little girl with cancer) might be at her own cousin's party. I wasn't going to risk taking Micah around Ava or her brother. The text back was pretty clear that we love you, but keep your germs. So glad we did! A couple hours later, Micah was running ridiculous amounts of fever. A long, cough filled night followed by a call to subfinder at 3 am.

Early Monday morning, I was at the before hours walk-in clinic in Germantown having Micah seen. He was quickly diagnosed with pneumonia to which I did a double take. A sinus infection I was expecting, but pneumonia?? How had it developed so quickly?

Here we are on Tuesday night, two doctor appointments later, and I'm giving breathing treatments around the clock, pushing fluids, and rotating the ibuprofen out with acetaminophen. It's been a long couple of days, and I'm going to head in tomorrow morning for a half day to gather more stuff together in case I need a sub for the rest of the week. Thank goodness I have a student teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays! She saved me this week.

As for the house, well...we got a text message back today to be "cautiously optimistic" that the drainage and flood issues might work out. I was a bit shocked, honestly. We might be moving into a house in January which is crazy, but I would be so happy to finally cut about 30 minutes off my commute to work down to 5 minutes. I miss being close to work like I was for so many years. I guess we keep praying on that one.

Hope y'all have a happy week!

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