Monday, December 31, 2012

Ebin's MDO Performance & Micah's Aversions to Santa.

We had a lot of fun over Christmas break, and I have no excuse for not posting it as it happened. I was just too busy enjoying family time to worry about posting pictures, I guess. So I have several catch up posts coming from our adventures while on Christmas break.

One day, while C was sleeping away enjoying his wife's days off so he could catch up on shut-eye, we went to see Ebin's MDO Christmas performance. I just copy/pasted these photos from my sister's Facebook page. I'm hoping that they aren't blurry.

Sheila (my brother's nurse), Dale (my brother), KayKay (my mom), and Papa (my dad)

 Mrs. Pam (Jason's mom, Ebin's other grandmother), and Jason (my sister's husband)

Oh, how I detest this picture. I feel disheveled. It had been one of those mornings, and I barely made it to the performance. Oh, well. Some days we look better than others. Let's just say it was raining and 20 degrees outside. Add in some curly headed folks such as Micah & I plus some wind...amazing results.
Micah was also in a horrid mood this day. He was so upset with me because I wouldn't let him down while the pastor was reading the Christmas story from Luke. So here I was, wrestling an unhappy, screaming child during the reading of the Bible. The pastor told Micah that most people slept while he preached and not cried. Embarrassed, we ended up at the very back of the room and out in the hall for most of the performance.

There's Ebin! Haha! He is soooooo shy, always hiding behind somebody.

Jason, Keren, & Ebin

My mom (KayKay) and Ebin
 Afterwards, there was a reception with food and somebody was finally free to run around the building.

Santa Claus came to visit the boys and girls and well, I'll let you see how that went.

Approaching Santa Claus...

Very let's take a sit in the floor...

Absolute refusal as he throws a fit in the floor. I realize I might have to work on my parenting skills since he loves to throw fits in the floor lately. However, for this moment, I'm glad I have it captured on film. One day I'll laugh and show him the picture of his first Santa visit.

Finally, I picked him up and plopped him in Santa's lap despite his protests. He's such a character!
It was a great day for Ebin's MDO performance, and we greatly enjoyed it. =)

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