Saturday, March 12, 2011

Splish splash I was taking a bath on a Saturday night.

Know that fifties/sixties song "Splish Splash?" Yeah, I can't remember all the words, but that is where my super creative title came from. Aren't you proud? Anyway, it had been a little while since Keren (my sister) had gotten to spend some time with Micah since she's been out of town for work. So she dropped by with my nephew Ebin tonight while Jason was out at his guy's night playing Poker. I hope he won big! :)

Anyway, Ebin played on the "playground" in our backyard...meaning, the swing set. We were lucky enough to have one left in the yard by the previous owners. Hard to believe we've been here six years, and we're finally gonna get some use out of it by our own child. We let the kids play outside, C grilled out for us (his awesome burgers, homemade french fries, and a blooming onion & sauce), and Ebin got to swing in Micah's future swing. After we ate, Micah was getting fussy (because it was way past his 6:30-7 pm bedtime). To keep him at bay we gave him a bath because he always perks up in the tub. What follows are some of the absolute cutest pictures I think we've taken of him yet. Way to go, Keren! :) Enjoy our super exciting Saturday night! (My how your life changes when you settle down with the kiddos.)

PS I have tried to edit the pictures, but for some reason it copied several twice! If I delete them, then I delete both pictures. I'm too lazy to fix it tonight, and I'm just going to post it as is for now.

Keren & Micah with his ridiculous get up to keep him warm. It was a great day, but it started getting chilly as the sun went down.

This is about when Micah starts fussing, Ebin starts saying "NO PICTURE", and Keren continued to smile as Micah pulls her hair. Pictures with children. Gotta love it, but it makes me laugh!

Ebs helping Micah with his bath.

Micah says, "Mama is so funny when she gives me a bath!"

Micah loves his bath time.


I also just love my washcloth!

Laughter is the best medicine! I forgot how tired I am!

Double picture time...
Oh well. Who doesn't like this cuteness?

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