Thursday, May 31, 2012

Family outing to the zoo.

Since Mr. C is off during the day, we decided to take advantage of that this week and use our zoo membership. It had been a while since Micah had been to the zoo, and I was hoping this would be the time he cared about the animals.

Well, not really. I mean he looked at them. He called some of them "kitty kitty" and "pup pup" every so often. For the most part, we enjoyed it more than he did. Haha!

Here's the tiger playing around with a ball.

So glad I don't have to see that face out in the wild!

I think this is when Micah called the tiger a "kitty kitty" from the stroller.
 Please excuse my no make up, no hair products, no trying to get ready look. We left early in the morning, and I honestly didn't care about dressing up! 

Mommy & Micah

Deep in some meaningful conversation.

Then we went to see the leopards. Cheetahs? All the cats confuse me.

We dropped by the bird house & aquarium.

How handsome are my boys?? Love them so much!

Quick stop at the penguins for a few minutes.

One panda was alive, kicking, active, and chomping down on some bamboo while the other panda was asleep.

Micah has a teddy bear he sleeps with, so I think he understood this was a huge bear. He seemed to stare at it more than anything.

Somebody started getting really sleepy and hungry so we had to leave the zoo after about an hour and a half. That's ok because with the zoo membership, we can go whenever we want with free parking. It makes short zoo trips not seem like a "waste" of money.

This picture just makes me laugh so hard! Somebody loves some black-eyed peas, and he gets them everywhere when he eats. (So much so that I pulled his hair back in a ponytail Pebbles Flinstone style to keep him from getting too much junk in his hair. The end result was some crazy, crazy hair!)

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