Friday, June 1, 2012

The post about going to the zoo again.

I know I just did a post about going to the zoo, but guess what? We went to the Memphis Zoo again on Friday! Crazy, right? It's all about getting use out of our zoo membership each year, so why not? This time, we went with my mom and Micah's cousin, Ebin.

Here's a secret you must know about your zoo membership: add extra children on because it doesn't cost any extra! For that reason, other people's kids can go on my membership. It's great. =)

A huge rainstorm came in on Thursday, so by Friday a huge cold front had marched in behind the rain leaving us with temps in the 60s with no sun. It was crazy, so we had to bundle up!

The boys eating snacks (and in Micah's case...breakfast) in front of the fountains.

This is Ebin's "Don't Take My Picture" pose.
First, we went to see the flamingos on the way to see giraffes and elephants (per Ebin's request).
A quick detour to see the crocodiles.

Here's my mom with the boys watching the giraffes who were out in full force. 

Giraffes eating early in the morning.

Enjoying the elephants!

Ebin always cracks me up because one second he refuses to take a picture, or he becomes extremely camera ready demanding you take his picture. It's pretty cute, so I got a few smiling shots out of him after all. 

It is impossible to get them to both look at the camera and smile at the same time. 

Happy, sweet Ebin!

After the elephants and giraffes, we went to see the panda bears. (They are my personal favorites.) I usually have great luck going to see the panda bears in the morning. For some reason, they are usually awake & eating at this time.

Micah also loooooves the panda bears. It's the only thing he'll stare and point at. I think it is because he sleeps with "Mr. Bear" (as I call it) so he recognizes bears. Who knows?

Ebin enjoyed the panda bears, too, but he was back to refusing to take a picture with them.

Here's Micah, Ya-Ya, and Mommy. Micah is still enjoying his breakfast, but so is Ya-Ya. 

After our panda trip, we went to Teton Trek to see the grizzly bears & wolves & elk.

The best part of Teton Trek is this huge replica of the lodge at Yellowstone complete with an Old Faithful "geyser" (water fountain) for kids to play in during the summer.

Mommy & Micah.

Trying to get Ebin again, but he wasn't having pictures.
This face cracks me up.
Our attempt at getting me with the boys.

Then we tried to get my mom with the boys.

Grizzly bears

There is a huge water fall that drains into a "river" where the bears play. Micah has added "wa-wa" to his vocabulary lately. I was hoping for some kind of reaction at the water fountain.

He did enjoy it, and finally started saying "wa-wa" over and over again. Here he is excited!

Even though he ends up excited, those fingers always go back in the mouth. Here is Micah with his KayKay.

Mommy & Micah

Then Ebin started cheesing for the camera again so I got some cute pictures of a smiling Ebin.

The boys

After the Teton Trek, we headed to the Birds & Bees exhibit where birds fly around while you feed them.

A sweet little boy didn't want to keep feeding birds, so he gave us his stick for free. =)
Ebin warming up to feeding the bird.

Then he is getting excited. I hate this smiling picture has a bird blocking his head. Haha!

I think I'll let you take a picture of me with the bird.

Then he decided to show the bird to Micah.

Micah watched it, but again was kind of indifferent.

The boys and their bird.

A funny story I had to record here was a conversation I had with Ebin on the way to Wendy's to pick up a meal for all of us.

Me: Did you have fun today?
Ebin: Yes, I did. We had a whole, a whole, a whole lot of fun today, didn't we!!
Me: Yes! 
Ebin: I went with KayKay. And Leah. And Micah.
Me: You sure did go with us, and it was fun wasn't it?
Ebin: I call her KayKay, but you call her Mama. Papa (my dad) calls her Cake. Why does he call her cake?

Me: laughing hysterically. What does Papa call her?
Ebin: Papa calls her Cake. Why does he call her Cake, Leah?

The backstory: My mom's name is Kate so Ebin thought my dad was calling her Cake! Isn't that cute? It made me laugh, so I thought I should write it down before we forget it. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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