Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pray for Ava.

 I have so much to blog about. It's unreal. I'm behind. I have a post set up with pictures that I'm working on, but my heart is too heavy this week to blog. I can't post about me tonight.

If you are on Facebook, I posted about a zillion times to pray for one of my best friend's niece who is four. Her name is Ava, and there was a brain tumor discovered on Monday. By Wednesday, surgery was scheduled first thing this morning. The tumor was removed successfully, but she has cancer. More details will probably come forth, but can you pray for them, please??

Amanda is to my left in this picture at her daughter's birthday party last year.

I have known Amanda forever. And ever. And ever. I spent every weekend at her house hanging out with her & her younger sister Becca all throughout high school. I can't even tell you all the teenaged giggle fests we had as we slept over and drove around Southaven. Years have passed, and we don't get to see each other like we did. However, that family? It's like an extension of my own family. I have a complete house full of sisters over there.

This is Ava, Becca's sweet daughter. She & her husband (who were high school sweethearts btw graduated two years after me) have two children: Ava, 4 and Jett who is a little older than Micah. (I forget exact months.) They don't have a blog other than Becca's business blog here. Then she spruced up her awesomeness with this more current site. She's always been an ah.may.zing artist, and she decorates & bakes cakes now. At any rate, they did set up a prayer site on Facebook called Pray for Ava. Please go there to pray, spread the site, and pray for this precious family. 

I can't imagine if you told me Micah had a brain tumor.

Please pray.

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