Monday, October 29, 2012

Let the blog updates begin.

 Two days of late nights working on evaluation paperwork and you get this Instagram post: "Ouch! Look at those bags under those eyes! Time to get some makeup. Stat!"

Truly last week (I'm talking about the week before here) about brought me to my breaking point emotionally. I'm not sure what it was but the vast overwhelming sense of what is happening in the world of education just hit me. Throw in hours of extra paperwork amongst a week that was much too busy. I was sure ready for Friday.
 Two Fridays ago, our guidance counselors lined up Career on Wheels for the kids. 
I almost called Mr. C to bring Micah up to school to see all the vehicles! He would have loooved it!

Everybody was entertaining and informative, and I think they probably learned a whole lot.

One of their favorites was the wildlife deputy since he came with his dog! =)

That same Friday evening we headed to a local park in the town next door to ours, and Micah had fun on their "Tot Lot" section. I love that playground! He can run crazy, and I don't have to worry about him.

He has become very intense about his driving of things lately.

Afterwards, we headed to Yogurt Mountain for some froyo (any Gilmore Girls fans out there?) for dinner. Yes, I said dinner because we are awesome parents like that.

Saturday morning I used the best babysitter in our house--the ginormously deep jacuzzi tub in our master bath. I emptied it out after bath time for Micah to play with his "choo-choos" (AKA empty shampoo bottles) while I got ready for the day. Genius!

 We spent the early lunch hour at Chuck E. Cheese's for our friends' joint birthday parties. Happy birthday, Beau & Hannah! 
Micah was not much of a fan of Chuck E. Cheese's at first. See video below.


He quickly warmed up with he saw Bob the Builder.

Then he stayed on Bob all the day long.

Daddy was asleep (as is usual on Saturdays for us), so we enjoyed Mommy & son date day.

Crazy outtakes trying to get a perfect picture.

Several of the kiddos chowing down on some pizza.

He wouldn't even think about going to Chuck E. Cheese. Period.

The only (horrid, blurry) picture I got of Hannah & Beau opening some gifts.

PicStitch Day of fun!
Saturday night we found out our friends had delivered their little boy Nicholas, so we went to the hospital to see him. All nine pounds and ten ounces of him!
Aw! Isn't this so sweet?
I realize it has been a while since you have seen any of my Micah's precious Mother's Day Out creations, so here goes:

The Letter L
Clown & Red Day
Not exactly sure...robot day?
Love him learning about Bible stories!

Have a great week!

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