Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of a Working Mom

Hi, readers from Nester's blog! How are you? Let me introduce myself. My name is Leah, and this is my little slice of the internet where I write about my family, life as a working mom, and teaching. In a world full of stay-at-home mommy blogs, I thought I'd jump into Nester's 31 Days of series myself representing the working mommies. I think it will be a great way to keep me accountable to write more this month. I'll be honest, we leave on vacation for a week right in the middle of the month. I might not make it writing every single day, but I'm going to try my hardest.

I'll start with our story. Three years ago, when I became pregnant with my son Micah, my husband was working part time and in grad school full time. We were both grad school students studying computers (him) and education (me). I always dreamed of being a stay at home mom, but that just wasn't in the cards for me. The recession hit our family hard, and my husband was unable to find full time employment. Many amazing things happened as we prayed through this journey, and the Lord blessed us beyond measure after four years of job searching with my husband's current job. What a blessing that day was! You can read about it here.

Being a working mom has been a battle for me. It is honestly very hard for me to leave my son day in and day out. There are days I feel absolutely confident of my decision to teach. Other days, I second guess my decisions and cry myself to sleep because I miss my son. No matter what, it has become my passion to connect with other working moms. I pray our churches will start reaching out to working moms and single moms with more ministry opportunities. In some ways, I think we've missed the boat by having so many ministries and fellowships for stay at home moms without including the widows, single moms, and working mom. (I'm in no way writing this to call anyone out, and I think it is every woman's right to choose what is best for her family career wise.)

At any rate, I'm hoping to write some posts about organizing your life to make working work for your family, positive attributes of being a working mom, and sharing special moments with you from this month. Join me! I don't have a fancy blog button, but I'd love to have you follow me on twitter @confidentblog or on Instagram @confidentblog or via comments or Followers on my blog. Stop by, say hi. And what are you blogging about these 31 days?

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