Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Strange things that people google.

I'm laughing so very hard now at some of the things people Googled to get to my site this past week. Let's share, shall we?

5. party woodland
Yes, I have a ton of woodland party decorating ideas. That is pretty much the only way I get traffic to my little blog. I love my 22 readers. =)

4. pray for ava
I'm so glad you are praying for my friend's daughter Ava! Keep praying!

3. casa confient blogspot
It's ok. We've all had a bad spelling day. I don't blame you a bit. At least you don't do all of your spelling on an overhead in front of 23 children. Talk about pressure!

2. do you lose weight if you eat vaseline
I hope not, but please stop trying to eat it.


drumroll please.....

1. i eat vaseline am i normal
No! That's not normal so please STOP IT. It's not even Play-Doh or glue. I might be able to get on board with those. At any rate, there is your mid-week laugh.

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