Saturday, October 6, 2012

Working Mom: Day 6.

The Land of Motherhood is one filled with so many "life altering" decisions.

Breastfeed or formula?

We did both primarily nursing until 8 months, followed by some formula, followed by half formula and half whole milk at 10 months. Yes, I know that's early, but I had no desire to spend a small fortune on formula. Especially when we'd had 8 months of free.

Cry it out or co-sleep?

Um, I need my bed, my time alone with my husband, & my sleep. We so cried it out. Hubby hated it at first, but now he's thankful I insisted.

Bottle or sippy cup?

I weaned Micah to a sippy cup at 5 months old. He never had a bottle. Cah.ra.zee. But it worked for us.

Childcare or stay-at-home?

I stayed home the first year, and my husband and my mom was the child care into the second year. Now that he is almost two, we've enrolled him in a two day preschool for some socialization and sleep time for my 3rd shift working husband.

TV or books?

Duh, I'm a teacher, but I do sit him in front of the telly every so often while I try to get something done.

Stay-at-home-mom or working mom?

This is a question I still struggle with every week. Am I making the right choice? Did we make the right choice. If I ever quit, can we survive on one income? Do I want to quit? Could I really make it as a stay-at-home-mom? So much of my identity is found in my teaching. I am Leah, the teacher. I like getting out. I like having a job. Is something wrong with that? I'm still super confused about this one.

To be continued as the month moves along...

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