Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days: Real life of a working mom. Day 17. Oh, yeah. We went to the beach.

This post will have absolutely nothing to do with being a working mom. Except to say that last week I had the whole week off because our school district had fall break! Whoo-hoo! I really need to take time to post the "real" pictures from the "real" camera, but I thought I'd give you some Instagram/iPhone love to tide you over. 

This was on the first day when we woke up at our condo. Micah stood on the balcony viewing the "wawa" in the background so excited to be at the beach!

It started out as an overcast morning, but we had some amazing views from our balcony.

I miss that view already.

We had friends from Memphis who were also down in Orange Beach for the week, so we met up with them on Sunday to take all our kids to play on a playground. We also went out on this really long pier.

Micah loves his daddy so much!

Afterwards, we took the kids to eat at Oyster House. 
(Micah, front--almost 2; Noelle, 4; Anderson, 2 & 1/2

 I took great advantage of the beach locale to go on lots of runs. I came back from a run one morning to find my husband like this. Ha!

 The weather was amazing all week! The water was fantastic, and there was no seaweed in sight!

I loved my early morning runs on the beach barefoot!

One morning on my run, I saw this fishing boat on the water. I could only think of the verse, Jesus said, "Come. I will make you fishers of men." Couldn't one of those guys just be Paul? John? Peter?

Oh, to have been alive in Biblical times.

We had a very strict regimin of sleeping until 8:00 or 9:00, going on runs (me), making it to the beach by 10:00, returning to the condo by noon, and napping the rest of the afternoon followed by dinner.

It was a hard life, but somebody had to live it.
We took Micah to dinner at Sea n Suds and enjoyed this beachy view.

Love my dinner companions!

The picture is kind of dark, but Micah (in his pjs) told me, "Boat! Mommy, boat!" Love his pretending skills already in motion. Notice, he had to have his two passengers: Mr. Bear & Mr. Moose. (Aren't we original with our names of stuffed animals in our home?)

And I just enjoyed my run in the mornings.

One morning I saw this tragic tale of the circle of life. A huge stingray had died somehow and fish were chowing down on his lifeless body.

How crazy is that sandcastle?

We stayed near the end of the peninsula where Florida meets Alabama. That bridge led to Florida.

My husband attempted to make sandcastles with Micah, but Micah just liked to knock them all down.

We did a lot of sitting in shallow sand at the foot of the ocean while the waves literally crashed over us. Micah just liked to stay right at the water's edge which was fine for Mommy.

Another day we went to Tacky Jack's for lunch. I'm not ashamed to say that after the face below started, I whipped out the iPhone so Micah could watch some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Because sometimes, that's just how you have to roll to control a two-year old's near public meltdown when a restaurant won't get your food out very fast near nap time.

Great view at Tacky Jack's for lunch.

We spent too much money at the Outlet Mall buying my husband a new wardrobe. Ok, it isn't really that bad, but he did go from being a "lowly" dock manager to an office job without the proper duds. Working on the docks tends to mess up your clothes really easily. He needed some new attire, and the sales were amazing! We are cheap, so we took advantage. He's modeling his new shirt for you. 

Micah's modeling how sitting still is not his favorite past time these days.

Well, you can see we had a ball! More pics to come. =)

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  1. looks like a great vacation, fall break is the best!