Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas break post #2. Christmas Eve.

For Christmas Eve, we continued the tradition of going over to KayKay & Papa's house for our fondue/dessert dinner. Every Christmas Eve growing up, we'd attend the church service and have dessert for dinner in the form of a fondue pot. Chocolate covered everything. My dad then would read the Christmas story from Luke, and we would each open a present. For our boys, we've modified the tradition some (no church since we both have two sides of the family to visit), but most of it stays the same.

Ebin & Keren getting ready to make cookies.

Sweet cousins in their matching pajamas.

Our family as we made decorated some holiday cookies. (It's hard to tell, but my cookie says 2012 on it.)

The boys & the Kindle watching some tv.

Getting ready for Papa to read the Christmas story.

The boys opening gifts from KayKay & Papa.

The adult "kids" with our kids.
C, me, Micah, Ebin, Keren, & Jason

Sweet boys! Love how they love each other so much!

Then we made some cookies (or maybe the pictures got mixed up--whoops!)

Crazy curly headed Confident family members. C & I were laughing about this the other night--Micah has this amazing perfect hair. It's awesome girl hair, but we have to keep cutting it. It grows like crazy, but C's hair is stick straight. He said the other night, "If we actually had a girl, what are the odds he hair wouldn't have a lick of curl in it. She'd be jealous of her brother's hair."

The boys with my sister & I

KayKay joined in on the fun...

KayKay & Papa with the boys. We had a great Christmas Eve!

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