Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Days at Kay Kay's

Here are just a few photos I wanted to add that my mom (Kay Kay) took of Micah in October as he played at her house. I just thought I'd add them to the many photos in our Micah's First Year blog book that I am furiously working on! After all, his birthday is at the end of the month of November!

Here are a few shots:

Micah has found a love of all things trucks thanks to his cousin Ebin's love of trucks.
He gravitates a lot to this big, green truck.

Kind of blurry, but Micah and Ebin enjoy some time playing together.
I hope Micah grows up close with all his cousins!
Micah's a blur and on the move with the big, green truck!
Micah in his bounce seat at my mom's house. He'll actually stay in it at her house. At our house, he wants to get out and roam instead of sitting still.
Focused on intent playing!
We are so blessed to have both grandmother's helping out by watching Micah for a couple of hours in the morning! It means more to us than they'll ever know!

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