Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's the little things in life.

So lately I've been bogged down by the little things in life. Such petty, petty little things. I keep telling myself these are small things. Don't be consumed by them. I listen to sermons about this. I'm doing a Bible study called (appropriately) Lighten Up! by Jean Stockdale. I mean, you would think I'd get it by now.

Life is really about one big thing. That'd be Jesus Christ. And each and every second that I am worried about these small things is a second which is not spent honoring Him. Plain and simple. Glad I mentally know that. But did I think about that today...

When I took my baby back to the doctor for an unexplained rash that showed up this morning?

When I took the baby's prescription to the pharmacist at CVS who looks at me and says he can't fill it?

When I saw the massive allergic reaction on my own skin from the antibiotics I am taking?

When I drove to Kroger to almost hit the man that jumped out in front of me and jaywalked across a very busy highway?

When I called my doctor to tell her about my allergic reaction?

When I realized how much I hate Kroger has taken over Schnucks?

When I purposely didn't speak to the cashier because I was just ready to GET HOME?

When the bank teller told me to have a nice day?

When those pitiful boys were trying to sell me something outside of the grocery store?


Nope. Not one bit did I even think about the Big Thing in life. Instead, I shoved off multitudes of Jesus possibilities that presented themselves in order to get absorbed in the little things.

::Sigh:: Being a Christian is hard. I'm so glad He gives me multitudes of days (Lord willing) of possibilities.

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