Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family vacation day 3.

Warning! Lots of pictures! But if you love fall, you'll fall in love with our photos I promise you!

Yes, you guessed it. We woke up to this view again.
I'll never tire of rubbing it in. Haha!

Micah, again, woke up bright and eeeeearly this morning. I guess it is the time zone change that is getting us each and every morning? At any rate, we lazily padded around the cabin for a while, then headed out around 9:30 AM with the plan to hit Clingman's Dome.

On the way we ran into some mad traffic. (Taken with my camera phone, sorry for bad quality.)

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I took this picture with my camera phone and thought it turned out pretty cool.

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On the way we stopped for a few impromptu photo shoots of nature and of Micah.
Micah was not so happy about this. I even put him in his cute "M" onesie to wear, but that didn't seem to matter to him. I added this photo just to give a "real life" view of things that were happening.
The other thing he had his absolute mind on was sucking those fingers this morning.

A nice family from Nashville saw us taking photos of Micah, then Micah with me and asked if they could take a family photo. We said, "Sure!" I think this came out ok not considering Micah wasn't looking directly at the camera. But you can't have everything.
Then Mr. C captured this picture of Mommy & son.
We continued our trek to Clingman's Dome via Honda. On the way, we saw this gem of a view. Upon arrival at Clingman's Dome, there was no parking space to be found! Seriously. It was ridiculous. So we changed our minds and drove back down the mountain with no Clingman's Dome pictures.
But a nice couple from Germantown took this picture of us right in the middle of Tennessee and North Carolina. Micah, you can say you've been to North Carolina now!
Then we spent some time at a mountain creek. Micah was enthralled with this log.
Of course, we tried the full head on shot of Mommy & the baby, but Micah was too into the log.


Then we tried some shots with Daddy & Micah. Obviously, he's not too young to already be into other things than his parents...haha!
Finally! Give him something to pay attention to, and you can kind of get him to look in the direction of the camera.

We spent the rest of our day exploring (driving) around Smoky Mountain National Park capturing beautiful views like these. The colors are just exquisite!


I mean, it was the PERFECT day. The sky was robin's egg blue, the colors were popping off the trees, the weather was delightful, and I had my family. You can't get much better of a day than this!


May I also say that these photos are a reminder of why I love my husband's fancypants camera so much? And I love his talent for taking pictures. He is so much better than me!

Now, look at one of my favorite photos (colorwise) of the day:

And I also love, love, loved this shot:
So I know you are probably getting tired of looking at a bunch of trees, but I just love how pretty these vacation photos turned out! Here are a few last shots as I sign off from the Smoky Mountains! Enjoy my husband's talent (photography) mixed with God's paintbrush. =)





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