Saturday, October 29, 2011

All access to a pirate party.

Today, we went to our annual (well, at least fourth annual for Hannah) Beauchamp family birthday party. It's super hard to believe that Hannah was born four years ago now, and Beau's already two! At any rate, each year we enjoy some time with our special friends, the Beauchamps. (Short background: our husbands have been friends since 2001! Tami and I met through our then boyfriends turned fiances turned husbands. We were all married a month apart, and we were neighbors for about five years! Needless to say, we love this special family!)

Since both kids were born in October, Tami does a joint birthday party for Hannah and Beau. This year's theme was all about pirates and mermaids, and we had all access to this pirate (get it: private--pirate--ok, bad joke) party! Mr. C works night shift all week long and then keeps Micah all day long, so usually Saturdays are spent just the two of us because Daddy needs to sleep. He tried to wake up for the party, but he was still asleep so Micah and I headed out to "the country" to enjoy our fabulous friends. Here are some of the pictures I took of the day.

Anna Marie, Jamie (Len's sister), and Beau

"Uncle Lenny" with Micah
I had specific instructions not to put this photo on facebook. So I'm not.
Nobody said I couldn't put it on the blog, though!

These two pictures made Mr. C laugh so hard and wish he woke up in time. (Not kidding, Mr. C laughed at these two for about five minutes. So I had to share.)

Tami & Len cracking up about their crazy pirate get ups complete with fake mustache and pirate hat as Tami tried to kiss Len.
And here is why they were laughing so hard, but I love this picture!! =)
Micah spent most of the party like this--on the lamb from his Mommy!

There was some merriment from a mermaid opening her presents and playing "Pin the Tail on the Mermaid" for some entertainment.
More pictures of adults acting ridiculous by wearing children's party accessories...
Incredible cake eating...
Two sets of present openings because the kids snuck their presents outside and opened them up under the swing set in the backyard.

That story also had Mr. C laughing for about five minutes wishing he could have seen all I described.
A great time was had by all, and we're so thankful for our friends the Beauchamps!

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