Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life this past week.

Life this week, my friends, has been a bit interesting.

First, it started with an Italian meatloaf experiment by my husband.

The basic difference between normal meatloaf and Italian meatloaf seems to be adding lots of basil? Basil in meatloaf? Well, let's just say the experiment ended with the meatloaf still sitting in the fridge.

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I had a little helper trying to clean out closets at Casa Confident. Mainly, I'm cleaning out Micah's closet. Obviously, with a small baby, we're still at the point where his clothes are changing rapidly as he is growing quickly.

Also notice how half of his closet is short sleeves while the other half is long sleeves.

I wish Fall would make up His mind whether or not He's coming.

Also notice "the blur" in the picture. This describes Micah perfectly these days. You can't get him to sit still, and he's into everything!

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This would be the pile of clothes that we took out of the closet.

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This would be the husband who was laying on the couch enjoying his football as his wife cleaned out the baby's closet.

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Micah had more baths this week than I think he had in his entire lifetime.
On Tuesday morning in the car on the way to work, Micah threw up twice in the car in rapid succession. I mean, I've seen spit up, but this was throw up.

It was all over my car, his carseat, his clothes, his hair. I arrived at my mom's, bathed him, and went to work. I shoved it off thinking he was fine, and I left him with my mom for the duration of the day. (She only keeps him for a couple of hours until my husband gets him.)

Thus began bath #2 when around 3 pm, he threw up everywhere again. I mean everywhere. I came home to a war zone of throw up cleaned as best as a man could. (But we all know I had to do some more cleaning.) Evidence was on the shower curtain (as he was running him to the bathroom), the pack-n-play, the mesh on the pack-n-play, his clothing, his diaper.

At this point the dilemma became, do I stay home from work with him? Do I go to work? Does he really have a virus? Well, I stayed up all night checking in on the baby. He didn't throw up again, and he wasn't running fever at all. So my MOMsense (yeah, MOPS!) told me he was fine. I could drop him off at my mother's, go to work, and save the day off.

Glad I saved that day off.
Notice the Blur below ready for bath #75.

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On Thursday at work I wasn't feeling too great myself. I felt nauseous. I was tired. I was doing my best to play nice and teach. I think I did all these things successfully.

Then came the drive home. I felt like I was going to puke about four times. I kept telling myself I could make it the last few miles home.

Somehow, I did.

Upon arrival home, I found my mother-in-law (who stays with our son one morning a week) still at the house. This was unusual to me because she usually leaves to go home by noon. My husband had texted, "I am sick now. Please come home quickly" around 3:30 pm.

You guessed it. He had it, too. My mother-in-law was taking care of Micah so Mr. C could rest. She left around 5 PM, and we headed to the doctor's office. By this point, the people at the doctor's office saw me running to the restroom every five minutes. My husband was put in a room, and I was put in a room with the baby.

Now it may seem silly to go to the doctor over a stomach bug. BUT I knew I'd have to take Friday off. There was no way I could function at work. Guess what Friday was? The day before Fall Break meaning the day before a holiday. If I miss the day before a holiday without a doctor's note I don't get paid. So our little family sat in the doc's office waiting.

In the aftermath of Epic Stomach Flu 2011, there were five victims. Micah, me, Mr. C, Ebin (Micah's cousin), and my mom all fell victim to this vicious bug.

We are finally feeling better today. Let me tell you...a whole family sick at once? It is horrid. But just to leave you with another picture of bath time, here's little man escaping by climbing on the toilet.

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I hope your week was better than ours. Bring on Fall Break!

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