Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family vacation day 5.

So here is what our view looked like this morning from the cabin:
Notice (zoom lens), the faint "dusting" of snow we thought we saw in the distance.
Is it true? Could all that rain we got yesterday actually have been snow in the higher elevations? Hmmm, we wondered.
It was kind of hard to tell because the glorious clouds had parted with some sun. And anyway, you get the idea. We decided to leave the cabin to get some pancakes for breakfast and explore Great Smoky Mountain National Park again.



So this handsome happy fellow with his impressive talent and camera, a cute baby, and I went to explore the park.

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As you can see by his crazy, wild was super windy!
Also note the fall colors at the lower elevations. You are about to see what we discovered after talking to a friendly man at the ranger station who advised us to "quickly move to the top of the mountain before the snow was gone."

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And, up, up, up we drove.
Clearly, what we had seen from our cabin was indeed snow. What was even more crazy was to watch the beautiful fall colors literally evaporate into a line of Narnia Winter Wonderland. It was just amazing. Here's the line of the fall from the winter:
Isn't that crazy? How the temperature line just stops like that?
On the way, Mr. C took some other photos as we drove up the mountain. This is a fun shot of a log, and I like all the details in it.
Here's a river flowing beside the road with fresh mountain water.
Fall colors as we approach the top of the mountain.
Stopping for a family photo op with a friendly man from Florida taking our photo. I really like how this photo turned out. (In fact, I liked most of today's photos except for how "heavy" I looked in my fourteen layers.

Another shot of the snow line.

Mommy & baby.
Daddy & baby.
Getting closer to the snow...

Winter wonderland!
Getting out for a photo op and Newfound Gap (near Clingman's Dome).
Family photo op #87 for the day. I wish Micah had been looking, but you can't make somebody retake your photo over and over again that you don't know.
The view from Newfound Gap.

Look at the clouds in the background! That would be snow at the top!!
My absolute favorite picture of the day.
We actually set a tripod up for this shot. (Mr. C set it up while baby and I sat in the warm car.) Mr. C told me to get out for the shot. I jumped out with Micah. We hit the timer. Mr. C jumped in, and we took it in one take! And Micah was looking!

The Lord knew a small child couldn't be out in that cold!
This was at Clingman's Dome.
Coming back down the mountain we took some more photos in the snow leaving Micah snug as a bug in his car seat in the car.
Mr. C in the snow (without a coat!).
Me and frozen water fall.
Our view heading down.

Back at our cabin relaxing after a fun day playing in the snow!
The rest of the day was spent eating, grilling out, playing with Micah, and heading back to Gburg for a nighttime photo-op of the city's lights at nights.

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