Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011.

So I had a little Pinspiration for the holiday, and I thought I'd share along with others on Kodi's blog.

Pinspired Thursday

New Year's Eve is usually a big deal for Mr. C & I since it is our "engage-a-versary", and each year it is very easy to remember NYE 2003 when Mr. C proposed to me in Nashville.

We like to go out on NYE simply to spend some time with each other or friends.

I realize this might change as we age, but for tonight we secured a "babysitter" in the form of KayKay and Papa (my parents).

I tried to be all snazzy, so I went to Pinterest and found a few hairstyles.

This was back before my hair was cut, so I tried this one out...

A french braid in the front into a bun in the back.

Still not sure if I looked snazzy or like a librarian.
I also (Pinterest inspired) tried to do some of that crazy scarf tying that I keep seeing online to be stylish.
I added a pair of jeans shoved into some boots.
I did ok.
I'm no Reese Witherspoon.

Mr. C & I dropped of Micah at his grandparents and then proceeded to enjoy a "date" night over at our friends' house. We had a reunion with some of our friends from Bellevue days, and it was fun seeing some other couples. It was also WAY fun not running all over their house chasing Micah.

I'm such a wuss, but I couldn't leave Micah all night.
EVEN with my own Mom so we picked him up around 2 AM and headed to our house because I have this need for him to sleep at our home only.

Don't tell me how weird I am. I know. One day I will let him spend the night somewhere.

Our little family NYE 2011. We love you, Micah!

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