Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Micah meets Cousin Eddie.

So how many of you have seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?
Oh, it isn't Christmas without that movie. Too bad it is almost Valentine's Day.

Well, I was going to share the You Tube video of Cousin Eddie & the hat he wears in that video. However, there is one cuss word in every clip I watched. Since this is a family blog, I'll refrain from doing that. Feel free to google it, and you can watch it for yourself if you like.

Anyway, Cousin Eddie came to visit us in the form of this hat.
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Micah loves to wear hats. He's obsessed with putting them on and off his head. Then he tries to put them on and off your head. I found him last night playing with his winter cap in his pajamas. I couldn't help it, but the get up of tool man pajamas mixed with a Cousin Eddie hat just made me laugh and laugh.
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So I kept taking pictures of him as he ransacked the house in this stylish ensemble.

Here he is saying, "Dis?", showing me a book, and begging for me to read to him. (Which, of course, I did.)
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What beautiful baby blues my little one has, huh?
Also, notice his nose. Yesterday was his first official "face plant" where he fell on his nose resulting in a nose bleed for thirty minutes. Don't worry, he's ok.
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He's also found the light switch to the lamp in his room.

Now I'm wondering why I wanted to be a boy mom with all this busyness?
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Although every once and a while he will sit down to read a book with me.
(Please excuse the pile of towels--now folded--on the couch and me in my pajamas. Just keeping it real for ya hear on the blog.)
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Cousin Eddie got on his nerves after a while so it turned into Daddy's MSU cap.
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Uh-oh. Anyone who knows me well will notice that particular DVD set that Micah has now found. Yes, I'm a HUGE Friends fan, and I own them all.

But don't worry. He sure isn't going to watch that show! Although he can be allowed to be fascinated by the box.
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Oops. You might also notice that my "Merry Mail" canvas with Christmas cards are still up in the living room. Yeah, we're all about keeping it real in this post apparently.
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Now I'll leave you with this little gem of a picture I shot of Micah & Snickers. I think it is the cutest picture ever. This boy loves his dogs, and of all his words various ways to say dog appear the most. He now says "puppy", "pup", "Cop Cop", and "Copper".

Sometimes when prompted (ok, twice) after I say, "What does a dog say? Cop Cop says 'woof woof'." I have gotten him to say, "Woof."

We're currently working on "gently" petting the dogs since he tends to want to grab them by the neck with all his might his two hands will allow full of fur. Snickers has had a problem with that and barked at him. Copper is sometimes running away from him. Imagine that? A sixty pound dog running away from a toddler.
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There's nothing like a boy and his dog, huh?

And his Friends' dvds.

And his Cousin Eddie hat.

And his baseball cap.

Happy Wednesday, all! Have a good rest of the week.

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