Thursday, March 31, 2011

Show Us Your Life

Today over at Kelly's Korner, she's featuring churches for her weekly Show Us Your Life segment so I thought I'd join in! My husband and I are currently attending Faith Baptist Bartlett in Bartlett, Tennessee (a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee). We've been on a spiritual journey of sorts for almost a year praying faithfully for God to lead our family where He wanted to plant us. Part of this journey involved visiting over fifteen churches in our city. I am a firm believer that the Lord put us through this long, spiritual process (while I was pregnant, might I add) to really grow my faith in Him.

Before this time in my life, I hadn't really given any thought to why I was a Southern Baptist. Isn't that sad? I mean, I believed it because I grew up believing it. For once, I wanted to know why I held my beliefs. My husband was so wonderful and supportive through this, and he humored me as we visited denominations all over the city. I also humored him and visited some churches that I wouldn't have usually considered. It was so interesting to go see other denominations! In the end, we came back to Faith Baptist Bartlett. I think we have really followed the Lord's will for our lives. Mr. C & I disagree on so many things (who doesn't in a marriage?), but each church we visited the Lord aligned our thinking. I'm honored to submit to Mr. C's decision because I know that by "submitting", we actually made a joint decision since our thinking is definitely in sync. (I put that in quotes because I don't feel like any submitting happened. We just agreed. Which is nice.)

Growing up, I was at the church every time those doors opened. Bible drill. Softball. Choir. Girls in Action. Mission Friends. All my memories revolve around the church. My best friends come from the church. I met my husband the first night I attended a singles Bible study at church. It is at the center of my faith--fellowship with other believers. I long for Micah to have a childhood just like that, so it was vital we make a decision soon after his birth. Well, four months later...we did.

Dr. Danny Sinquefield is the pastor of Faith, and I think he does an incredible job! The moment we knew we were going to join came after speaking with him in the hallway before church one night. That evening, sitting down front...he prayed for us from the pulpit that the visiting couple would know God's clear direction for joining a church in the city even if it wasn't Faith. It really spoke to us, and it was confirmation of what we already felt. To the congregation, he is known as "Brother Danny." He is married to "Mrs. Rhonda", and I haven't met her yet. I hear wonderful things, though!

Another thing I find interesting is that Faith now owns "The Grove." This was the former camp known as Camp Cordova, where I spent many summers at GA camp outs as a kid. I think it is neat that Micah might get to spend part of his childhood where his mama did as a kid!

The music minister, Brother Terry, is actually an old family friend of my parents. They met him in the seventies! It is a funny story, but I like that, too. Even though I don't go to church with my parents, I love having a connection to my past with many, many people at Faith. I have so many friends there from "olden days" that it amazes me. Everywhere I turn, I see a familiar face.

So, that's it. My post on my church. If you don't have a wonderful church, please find one! Then my advice is to JUMP IN. Don't be shy! Get involved! If you need a church in the Memphis area, I'd recommend coming to my church, but I'd also be happy to steer you towards the many Bible believing churches, too. After our search, we found a LOT of compromisers out there.

Also, in case you wonder what Southern Baptists believe, you can read more about us here. (Thanks to my friend who also posted about her church, I stole that link from her.)

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  1. I have heard great things about your church. It is good to get to "know" other Memphis area bloggers. I am a new follower. I found you through Kelly's blog.