Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big boys eat rice cereal.

We went to the doctor yesterday for Micah's four month checkup and shots. While there, we found out that he is simply "maintaining" his weight. Translation: he didn't gain that much in two months. Dr. O suggested adding rice cereal to his diet along with slowly starting veggies to increase his calorie intake. He didn't seem too concerned by his 25% weight status, but with breastfeeding you never know how much a baby is really getting. In addition, he had grown a couple of inches keeping his 75% status--he's long and lean.

Since Micah sleeps so much at night (cue dagger eyes from other moms of infants), I had dropped his 10 pm feeding. Little man will go a full twelve hours without eating, but the doc suggested we pick that feeding up again and add the cereal. Hopefully that combo will help with his weight gain. Or, if you knew me growing up--and my husband for that matter--you know we were both skinny people. He may just be skinny. At any rate, it was unusual to hear since Micah's been off the charts with his weight since birth during every other appointment.

I really want to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible, so I will make sure to follow doc's orders to ensure I don't have to switch to formula. (This is not a knock against anyone who uses formula because the bf/formula choice is personal. Do what works for you, but I actually enjoy nursing! Go figure. Everyone in my life including Mr. C thought I'd quit by now. I kind of thought I would, too, honestly.)

I went to Target today to buy the rice cereal, bowls, spoons, & plastic bibs for Micah to eat this afternoon. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing besides feeding him rice cereal for one week before moving onto the veggies. So do I only feed him rice cereal once a day?

At any rate, here are the pics from our afternoon. Mr. C was actually in some of the pictures, but he had just gotten out of the shower. His hair was really wet, and he requested not to be put on the blog or fb. =) I have to say, we got some really cute shots!!

Micah's first time in the high chair.
Parents to be out there: I highly recommend the space saver high chair. It sits in a dining room chair, and it is awesome!

Getting ready for the cereal.

What is all this stuff on my face?

Big boy with his food, first bowl, & first spoon.
Mommy feeding Micah. He's liking this rice cereal stuff!

Is that a smile? Yummy!

More, please, Mommy!

The aftermath. Not too bad, actually.

Mommy & Micah

Sweet boy is growing up too, too fast!

Yay for big boys!!

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  1. We had that same chair and LOVED it. You might want to consider putting a towel or something between the chair seat, and the baby seat, though, or your chair cushion will never be the same. Ask me how I know.