Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our first play date. (That I took pictures of anyway).

Micah went on his very first play date this month with his new friend Abbey. Abbey (Abigail Elizabeth) was born the day before Micah was in the very same hospital. Abbey's Mommy (Amanda) and I have been close friends since we were in ninth grade. Of all our talks of babies and husbands back then, we never could have planned our children actually being this close together! It's so much fun to have someone to talk to about milestones or stupid questions. These are some pictures of our day, and yes! Micah, you are very big compared to Abbey! (They weighed about the same when they were born, and both babies are nursing. Micah is a BIG BOY.)

Here's the funny but true story behind the day. We've been trying to get together for AGES. First when we were pregnant, before we were pregnant, then one other time when a heating repair man didn't show up after the babies were born. So I drove all the way to Amanda's house (about 30-45 minutes away) for our play date. When I get down there, I notice what I think is mucus coming out of Micah's ears and eyes. I mean, it is crusted on the side of his head. So I call the doc from Amanda's house (after I'd been there 45 minutes) freaking out. The nurse says maybe he should be looked at. So I leave, drive all the way back to the doctor where I find out he has ear wax and cradle cap around his ear! All that for nothing and we didn't get much time together. Hopefully we can get together again soon.

The mommies who carried the beautiful babies. We had no one to take our picture, so the first time the flash got covered by Amanda's finger.

Micah & Abbey

The next time, my short little arms couldn't get us centered in the picture.

My son is very, very long! Come back for his 2 month post to see how much he's grown in his stats! (Sometime later this week I'll finish that up.)

Chubby bunny (my son, not Abbey). Look at those cheeks!
And look--Micah is trying to hold Abbey's hand. He's smooth like his Daddy. Haha!

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