Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old friends give birth to new friends.

So I referred to Amanda here, and our friendship goes way, way back. We met in 1994. It was a good year, but I was a geeky, awkward freshmen in high school who had Bell's palsy (which was a whole other can of worms in itself.) At any rate, Amanda & I met during homeroom while Mrs. Pitner took roll. We'd be in homeroom together the rest of high school, and Amanda was the new girl. All and all, a friendship was born somehow that year. And our friendship? Hopefully it has given birth (pun intended) to a new friendship between her daughter Abbey and my son Micah.

Two fabulous friends who somehow had babies one day apart almost twenty years later (okay, seventeen, but geez that is a long time) in the same exact hospital in the same city. How does that happen? Yeah. Can't plan that no matter how many giggly girl talks you have about your future husbands, your future kids, and what the games of MASH say. (Anyone else play MASH to pass the time in high school? You know you did. And you were secretly devastated by the Shack option, weren't you?) After meeting up at my house we went to get Subway and then headed to Shelby Farms for a leisurely walk in the sunshine. I mean with a day as pretty as yesterday, you have to take advantage of the largest urban park in America. Below are the pics from our day. Enjoy!

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