Friday, November 11, 2011

Some call it a mess. I call it a season.

Some call it a mess, but I call it a season.
A season of a baby who is about to become a toddler who loves to scare his mama
by pulling up on high back chairs that could easily fall over.

A season of a baby who loves to push those same chairs around the kitchen as another way to scare his mama.

You may call it a mess. A table stacked with a diaper bag, unopened mail, and cushions yanked off in the floor by a very eager baby.

I call it a season. For it won't be long before this view will be of running and not of crawling.
You may call it a mess. A counter top with an opened cereal box, a gigantic tub of formula, and random kitchen Tupperware scattered across the floor from a baby who rips apart cabinets.

I call it a season. It won't be too long before he's playing basketball with his friends and driving away to college. I'll put up with the mess in the floor and on my cabinets while I enjoy this sweet time with my baby boy.
You call it a mess. Disheveled hair fresh from a nap.
I call it a season of much needed downtime for Mama. I know that one day I'll beg for that nap time back so I can know he's safe in his bed instead of out exploring the world.
You call it a mess. Mismatched crazy socks with reindeer pajama pants at noon.

I call it a season. A day of relaxing after many days of working brings happiness to this family especially the mama.
You call it a mess. (And, um...ok, it is.) There is unfolded laundry, an unused suitcase, a playpen, and an old bouncy toy.

I call it a season where we baracade our child away from the hearth to protect him from hurting his head. One day I will long for this day of "easy" protection because Lord knows I won't always be able to protect him from the ways of this world.

(The laundry is just laziness.)
You call it a mess. It's a laundry basket overturned by my son and socks spread all over the floor in the living room.

I call it a season. The laundry basket is his favorite mode of transportation where he tries to "walk" around the house. The socks are his favorite toy (probably for teething purposes?). One day I'll long for the time that a computer didn't occupy his time, but only a simple laundry basket full of socks.
Micah, I love this season of life you're in, and I hate how fast it is going! Where'd all the time go? At least I have wonderful days like today to take all this in, one sweet moment at a time.

Happy Veteran's Day to all my friends with relatives overseas and serving daily on US soil. Thanks to all you do to keep us safe! We never take you for granted.

It was a wonderful day with my family as well! =)

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