Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun fall photo shoot.

Ever since I've been back to work, Micah goes to his KayKay's (my mom's) house three mornings a week until Daddy gets off from work. When Daddy gets off around 10 am, he picks Micah up and watches him the rest of the day. We're pretty fortunate to have my mom to help three mornings a week, Micah's Grandmommy to come visit another morning during the week, and Micah's daddy being off another morning. I guess that is part of the reason why I've been able to rest easy when I am at work knowing he is in great hands.

Well, his KayKay wanted to take some fall pictures of Micah and his cousin (who also goes to my mom's house) Ebin with their matching fall outfits that she designed and sewed. Unfortunately, I've had one of those weeks where I can't get myself together, can't find anything, and I couldn't find his overalls. So I sent him with a fall sweater instead.

Ebin is known for not really wanting to cooperate for picture taking. It is a hit and miss thing for him, and today was a "miss" day. Either way, my mom still tried to take some pictures of Little Man with his cousin.

Here are a few we got...

Looking dapper with his matching sweater, matching flowers, and matching pumpkin.
The dazed and confused look from the cousins.
A slight smile, but Micah isn't quite facing the right way...
This is Ebin's I Will Not Look At the Camera Face. I can almost hear him saying, "No picture!" which he likes to say.
Then it was time to dress Micah up in his Halloween costume for some more embarrassing photos of the Itsy Bitsy Spider...

Um, can somebody please get this costume off of me?
I'm laughing at how ridiculous I look in this get-up!
Um, guys, I'm not a doll just to be dressed up.

After work today, I went by my parents' house, and Mr. C brought Micah back over to spend some more quality time with his grandparents. His cousin Ebin was spending the night, so we also got to hang out a little more with him. The cousins played together (mostly) happily, and we enjoyed dinner with my mom and dad.

Happy Weekend!

(Beware, I'm armed with more pictures to do some more "backblogging" this weekend. You have been warned.)

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