Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Micah's nursery.

You may remember this post, this post, or perhaps this one? Well, all of those posts from my old blog came together to form Micah's nursery. Welcome to a tour of our home. Please be kind because I'm not an HGTV blogger, and I don't claim to have any HGTV style or money. I so wish I did. However, using the resources we had available, a little creativity, a little money, and a lot of generosity from is what the finished product looks like now.

All the pictures are taken clockwise going around the room from the left to the right. Enjoy the tour of his room!

When you come to his door, you will be greeted by this super cute wreath my sister created to place on his hospital door as a welcome for his birthday. I lurve it! Even though I've got a boy, it is nice to have a little bit of girly cute stuff while he's little.

Open the door, and you'll see the rocking chair, his crib, and peeking out is the changing table.

This is the chair that we borrowed from my sister, Keren. It was in Ebin's nursery for the past two years. It had a few stains on it, and the color blue had faded. Instead of getting rid of it, we (my mom actually) dyed it! If that hadn't worked, we were going to slip cover it, but I really liked how it turned out.
The quilt on the back of the chair doesn't actually go with Micah's set, but it had woodland creatures on it. My mom gave it to me as a shower gift. I like having something to cover my legs when I'm rocking Micah. It gets cold in his room! See the next picture for details.
Chair: Free plus dye.
Curtains: $12 a panel at Target. They are blackout curtains, and I love them for his naps!
Tree decal: I found it for $13 at Kohl's before Christmas. What a steal!
Table: This was actually from our living room. I bought it at Bombay Company so it was free.
Shelves: I bought these shelves for $2 a piece years ago at Old Time Pottery to use in our office. They were sitting out in the garage, so we figured it was about time to use them. Technically, we had free! They are now filled with gifts given at showers including a handmade sign with Micah's name, a hedgehog from the bedding, picture frames, and the blocks I used in my maternity pictures.

I just love this little corner of the room!

Another favorite find from the nursery hunt was the crib itself! It was a floor model crib that my mom found for a steal. I love it, and I think it is beautiful. We also found it online for the actual retail price of $500 which we could never justify. (Sounds like The Price is Right talking.) Way to find a bargain and a beauty, Kaykay! She found the crib, and C's parents graciously bought it for us as a gift.

The letters were a Hobby Lobby project that I did myself. For about $13 I bought paint, letters, woodland creatures, paint brushes, and a glue gun. Tree limbs were free from my mother's neighbor's yard as they cut back the bushes for the winter. ;)

We hung the matching quilt as wall art for now. I hope to frame several of our Montana pictures in groups to hang on this wall. The swing was borrowed from my sister, my mom made the ribbon tabs to hang the bedding, and we used more tree branches to match his name. The bedding was a splurge because I really wanted it. I saved so much money elsewhere, I thought it was ok to spend what I wanted to get the bedding I wanted. In the end, my parents ended up giving us the bedding for a gift! We are so thankful for the grandparents and their generosity!
Another fun find in my decorating quest were these leaf/fall motif boxes and storage crates Target had this fall. I stocked up on those for storage since they fit the nursery theme so well. We bought some, and my mom gave us some, too for shower gifts. At some point, the swing will be gone, and I plan to replace that wall with toy storage unit of some kind in the future.
The bookshelf was built by my maternal grandmother (Micah's great grandmother) and was in my room as a child filled with all my books. My mother found the lamp ($75 online and in the store originally) for $16 at Babies R Us when it was going out of business this fall. Isn't my mom a wonderful deal shopper? I don't know how she does it! Right place, right time.
Micah's closet. It is a tiny, tiny space.

Target also had these clear storage containers, so that is how we are maximizing this small closet for Micah. I love that they are see-through bins.
It is hard to see, but there are even bins under the clothes in the floor of the closet. My goal is to cutely label them with printed address labels in the future.
This has nothing to do with anything, but my sister had this diaper bag made for me. I love stuff with his name on it!!
Now we are close to ending our tour, but this is our "changing table" for Micah. This dresser was C's grandmother's dresser that was in his room growing up. It is the perfect size and scale for this room. We placed a changing pad on top, and tada! Changing table. Another one of those shelves from the garage tops it off with the clock we bought for my nursing. In the beginning, I had to record specific times to make sure he was getting enough food. This way, I can see the clock from the rocking chair.
Just for fun, a closer view of the lamp.
A closer view of the Rubbermaid storage tote from Target.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed the tour of Micah's room in our home.


  1. It's really cute! You've done a great job. :)

  2. wow. i'm so very impressed. i never seem to completely decorate an entire room. ever. i get it "usuable" and then i stop. ADD or something. That is the cutest nursery I've ever seen. Sam's was vintage cowboys, and we've done the same thing upstairs in his big-boy room. i have an empty nursery! it's so weird. glad to see that Micah has a cool place to hang. love you-