Sunday, November 6, 2011

Micah's on the move!

Maybe we should consider changing Micah's name to "The Blur" since I feel like that is what he has become. What a crazy busy boy he is these days! I mean, I can't keep the kid contained, and he is unstoppable. We still continue to try and "live our life" like we used to by getting out, visiting friends, and going to restaurants. I'm telling ya, it is getting harder and harder!

Tonight (well, I am backblogging) we went to see our friends George and Stephanie at their new house. It's a long story, but they used to live behind our fence. We met them years and years ago while we were all single and mingling. =)

Somehow, they randomly bought the house behind our fence so then we became neighbors for about four years. Recently, they moved so we went to see their new remodeled house in Memphis. Micah kept me busy!
Here he is chasing their poodle. Or as he said all night, "Cop Cop! Cop Cop!" Not too far off since their dog's name is Cocoa. Haha!
Here he is trying to walk around their house by holding onto the walls.
I was instructed not to take any pictures of George and Stephanie which is why the picture is so bad. I was trying to sneak it by pretending to take pictures of Micah. At this point, he was using the rocking chair to manuever his way around their living room.

Our cute little blur in the middle of his "walking" around their room.

He's so much fun, but people aren't kidding about this "mobile" business. He keeps me on my toes for sure! We love you, Micah, but I sure wish you'd slow down this growing up business!!

(PS How cute does he look in his little button down shirt and jeans? LOVE.)

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