Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Micah's actual birthday.

On Micah's actual birthday, I took the day off. I decided I wanted to spend his special day with him, and I also scheduled several doctors' appointments. I know that is kind of a bummer on a birthday, but I was trying to make use of my day off!

We started the day with a dip in the bathtub to get ready. I was going to post the picture, but I don't want his little private parts showing. So I took it down. His bath was followed by a visit to doctor's office number 1. This was the big one year check up, and he's doing great! A few of the stats we learned were:

Height 30 inches, 65%
Weight 20 lb, 12 oz, 25%
Head circumference was the 35%

Micah was weighed.

He got very upset about his shots. He tried to run away.

These pics are out of order a little bit. I had the sweet nurse take a picture of us before the shots started since Daddy was still at work.

After it was all over, I comforted him with some Puffs. Man! He loves those things!

Once Daddy got off work, we went to Sam's for a few errands and to eat a birthday lunch.
Mommy with Micah at Sam's.

After that, Daddy took Micah home to get his nap while I headed to pick up my new specks.
Then I went to Target to pick up a bunch of supplies for Micah's big party.

After that, it was time to head back to pick up my boys. Micah had surgery this past summer, so we had another post-op check with his doctor in the afternoon.

After the last doctor's appointment, we headed towards Mississippi to meet Micah's grandparents for a birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel.
The waitresses sang Happy Birthday! to him.
He got a free chocolate brownie and some ice cream. I didn't let Grandmommy feed him too much of it. Still trying to keep him away from the sweets!
Micah's first birthday was a real success!
We had a long, fun, and busy day.
His first birthday present was a set of Mickey Mouse cups and bowls from his grandparents.
It was a super fun day!

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