Monday, November 7, 2011

Our weekend.

I took pictures this weekend! Yes! I did.

Unfortunately, they are not here right now, so I'll be adding them to this post when I get home from work once Micah is asleep.

How was your weekend? We had a marvelous weekend! Why do they always go by so fast?

On Friday night we went over to my parents where I had three adults helping to watch Micah, so I was able to get all my grading for this week done!! Whoo-hoo! Free weekend with no papers hanging over my head. My parents fed us Zaxby's, and Micah played with his cousin Ebin.

On Saturday, Daddy (aka Mr. C) slept most of the day. That is always a bummer to me, but it gives me some uninterrupted Micah time. We played, the baby took his naps, and then he tried to go to sleep at 5:45 PM. That was when I realized that Fall Back would make it really 4:45 PM, and I sure didn't want someone waking me up at 3 AM. So, I crazily woke him up around 6:45 PM (pre-fall back) and took him with me shopping until 9 PM to keep him awake. I got several looks from fellow shoppers at my pajama clad child accompanying me to the store at 9 PM at night in the cold! Bad Mommy!

(Side note: I used to be the person who would look at small children out in the public way past their bedtimes and think, "Shouldn't they be asleep?" Well, now I know parents were just trying to keep them awake so THEY could reap the benefits of one extra hour of sleep. So don't judge til you walked a mile in their shoes! Haha!)

On Sunday, we went to church in the morning. Can I tell you how much a blessing Sunday was to me? I mean Sundays are always blessings, but I just enjoy being reminded how much I need to recharge my soul batteries each week. We left church to go eat lunch at our friend George and Stephanie's house. After that, we intended on leaving to take Micah to the Fall Festival at church. We ended up talking way too much, that we finally left their house around 5 PM to which Micah (napless and cranky) fell asleep in the car and awoke bright and early this morning at 6:45 AM.

Oh, how I love that little man! I miss him so today, but I'm going to press on.

Even though the Lord and I had a little talk this morning about how I really want to be at home.

Even though yesterday I heard about contentment.

Even though I am full of a jealous heart right now, and I know I am totally sinning.

Even though I keep asking for the Lord to abide in me through the spirit of contentment.

Because I am not starving.

Because I am healthy.

Because I am not persecuted for my faith.

Because I have freedom.

Because I have a wonderful, loving family.

Because these are glorious days to walk in the Lord and love my life.

I'm not quite over my jealousy of stay at home moms. I struggle with it on a weekly basis. One day, I'm fine. The next, I'm jealous and mad again.

That's ok. He's still working on me, right? At least I can honestly say He is doing that for sure!

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