Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Eve & New Year's Day.

New Year's Eve came, and we always go out somewhere. I don't care where we go, but it is our engage-a-versary so we must do something to mark the day. Yes, Mr. C proposed on New Year's Eve nine years ago stating, "I don't want to start another year without you as my wife." How sweet!  I can't believe it has been nine years since that magical night. =)

I got a new dress (like I do every year), and we headed out for a date night without Micah. We rarely get to do this (again--our crazy schedules), so it was much needed. The past several years our date night is just hanging out with friends at a party thrown by George & Stephanie in east Memphis. We did the same low key thing this year, but it was still fun to have a night without worrying about Little Man.

The weather was horrible, and we saw LOTS of wrecks on our way home around 1 AM.

New Year's morning, my sweetie got up and cooked some breakfast for me! My favorite--cinnamon French toast! =)

We then decided to head to the gym together for a morning date. We're strange, but we work out at a cheap gym. There is no childcare, so we never get to workout together anymore due to our schedules. This was a fun little splurge for us.

I got in almost three miles on the elliptical, and it felt so great to be back at the gym again. Afterwards, we went to go get Micah so I could enjoy the rest of my final day off hanging out with him.

Here's our PicStitch NYE/NYD nutshell.
Happy New Year's Day! Ready or not, we go!

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