Thursday, January 10, 2013

The post where I feel like I should blog.

I haven't updated too much since the massive overload of Christmas pictures last week, but I kind of feel like I should blog.

Life has been one hectic to do list this week, and I hate weeks that feel like that. It started out with a Lysa TerKeurst event at a local church on Monday evening. I went with some girlfriends from my Sunday school class, and I highly enjoyed her topic from the book she wrote called Unglued. I feel I live a bit too much of my life in that emotional state, so I bought the book. Now I'm reading it. It's been really great so far.

The majority of the week has been awesome, but today just was not the most fantastic day. I cut open my finger in the cafeteria (sounds worse than it is). One of the students in my class cried pretty much the whole entire day. (Don't worry, I got in touch with her mom. I didn't just let a seven year old sit there and cry all day. Mom wanted her to stay. Tough love.) We had a faculty meeting where we discussed emergency procedures should someone try to shoot up the place. Then a school shooting happened again. Seriously?!? What is wrong with this world! (I mean, I know it is the lack of Jesus and all...but my goodness!) I got the results of a student survey back. That's a whole other topic for another day. I've been adjusting (and mostly loving) to life with my student teacher who is there full time this semester. (Can you say--I finally can go to the bathroom for 3 minutes without worrying if Johnny is hitting Susie? It's heaven to have help & another adult in my room!)

Tonight I took M over to my sister's house to play with Ebin while I went out to dinner with some gal pals. It seems as if I've had a lot of gal time this week doesn't it? Yeah, it isn't usually this way...but it all fell on the same week. I'm kind of tired. Glad tomorrow is Friday.

We also still know nothing on the house. The longer this draws out, the more I'm praying for a definite "NO" from the Lord or "YES" from the Lord. Give us a clear sign. Hopefully, this door will either be opened or shut by next Friday. How was your week?

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