Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Day. Christmas #3.

Christmas Day is quite the busy, busy day for us. We start our morning off at home with Micah followed by a jaunt down to Mississippi to see Mr. C's family. Afterwards, we climb back into the Pilot to head to my parent's house in Memphis. I'm really crossing my fingers about this house. If we get it, then we'll be a mile from my parents. Yes, a mile. Which means all these hours in the car for holiday visits here and there and driving Micah to my mom's each and every morning before work--whew. It will be nice to say good-bye to those days!
We arrived at my parents' house around 5:30 pm on Christmas day. C had to work the next day (which this shift was at like 8 PM), so he actually slept through Christmas with my family. That's part of the reason why we get together on Christmas Eve with them. We enjoyed some more family fun and fellowship. Above is the Christmas tree with all the gifts.
Jason & my mom opening presents.

Daddy with my brother Dale.

This is the necklace we bought for my mom for Christmas. It has both the kids' names on it.

Ebin had a stomach flu, so he threw up a lot and spent most of the night like this.

The beautiful Christmas tree

While Ebin spent most of the night sick, Micah spent most of the night running around like crazy after his breathing treatment!

Wow! He has just gotten so, so, so big!

Mommy trying to get some of that crazy mad energy out! Tickle Monster had to come pay a visit.

Ebin was just pitiful.

This photo might gross a few of you out, but my mom was taking pictures and caught him mid-vomit. Poor baby!

KayKay opened some lovely Waterford crystal from Daddy. He was very proud of his gift!

C finally woke up so that he could go to work, so we made him jump in the family photo.

D Family Christmas 2012
C, me, Micah, Papa, Dale, KayKay, Jason, and Keren with Ebin in the floor

I'm very sad and mad at myself for (again!) not taking a picture of Sara & me or Sara & Micah, but she was home the entire week of Christmas. We spent a lot of time hanging out just talking after Micah went to bed many nights. Per our Christmas tradition, she came to my parents' house (she has done this since we could drive) to spend the late evening hours with my family. I did take a whole TWO pictures of the intense spiritual/life discussion that was happening in the living room between my dad and her. It's always funny when these two get together because she's a professor at University of Virginia, and my dad is also a professor. Their minds are a bit above mine, but C had left for work so I just enjoyed listening to the smarty pants debate theology.

Every so often, I would throw in a comment or two. Haha! Love you, Sara! 

And since I didn't take any pictures of this holiday season, I thought I would steal the picture from her twin sister's facebook page. Sara lives in Virginia, and Beth lives in Texas. Of course, I live in Tennessee. We are rarely (if ever) all in the same place at the same time. However, I thought this was an awesome picture of my best girls. (Beth on the left, Sara on the right). 
I guess you could say we almost had FOUR Christmases if you include the Christmas portion spent with Sara at my parents' house. Love these girls! Love the holidays! Alas, it is almost back to work and the real world this week.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas like we did! 

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