Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A little of this. A little of that. A whole lot of random.

I tell you that since I have discovered coffee, my life has changed in a drastic way. I enjoy it so very much, and I'm sad to say I've missed out on it all these years. Many mornings, you might just find me curled up with my coffee and my Strawberry Shortcake pajamas.

Ok, this picture was taken on a Saturday since on a Monday, I'm probably rushing out the door with my coffee in one hand dragging a toddler with the other. And sometimes, just sometimes...you might find my coffee in a Central BBQ cup since that is where the coffee should go instead of a mug.

(Even though my best friend Sara bought me coffee mugs for Christmas, and I use them. I do. But somehow, it still will end up in a Central BBQ plastic cup. What's wrong with me?)

So how are you guys out in bloggy land? I'm sure I've lost more of you again with my crazy posting schedule or lack of pictures. However, if your life is like my life....your kitchen probably stays looking like this?

Actually, these pictures were taken to prove to my WONDERFUL husband that he does tend to leave his ingredients all over my countertops. He's the cook in the family which is the most wonderful thing ever because I never have to cook. Yes, ladies. I'm that lucky girl who met that guy who actually likes to cook. So I clean. That's the deal. However, we've had a talk about how depressing it is to have a clean kitchen but come home to this despite how I'll do the dishes.

Dishes does not equal...well, this. 
So we laughed about it, and I told him I'd take a picture to prove it.

We've had a random week around here. I have tons of completely unrelated pictures to document the randomness. You have been warned. As if pictures of coffee cups in plastic reusable barbecue joint cups and pictures of countertops are not enough to get this post going!

I found some more TV on Netflix to watch. I'm always laughing because I refuse to pay for cable. Instead, we pay $8 a month, and I'm forced to find new shows on Netflix to watch. It's a fun game.

Thanks to Netflix, I've watched Sons of Anarchy, Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement,  and Oddities. Now I'm onto Gossip Girl.

I took Micah to the doctor's office for his two-year check up. It's so hard for me to believe that he's already two-years old! Let me just say that trying to get a picture of him was difficult.

First, he wanted to wash his hands.

His other favorite past time was digging through my purse.

He finally looked at me, so at least I can remember what two-year-old Micah looks like!

Then he took my phone to take some pictures. Here's his first masterpiece. I call it Step Stool.
 He's so busy! He loved crawling all over the table while we waited for his doctor.

 I can't even remember why he made this face! 

What a little monkey! He's so full of drama and personality these days. This was his, "No tamera, Mommy!" (No camera, Mommy!) 

At some point along the way, he took this photo. I have no idea what it is, but it is kind of cool!

We spent this weekend vegging out, enjoying our extra day off, spending time with friends, and tackling our ever growing to do list on the house. We are still (yes, still) waiting on news about the house we put an offer on back in November. Many hoops later, we still have no definitive answer. I'm not going to lie, I'm starting to become very frustrated over the "yes" or "no" of this whole house debacle. Since we may (or may not) be renting out our current house or we may (or may not) be listing our current house...we have a lot of freshening up to do.

It's hard to get stuff done around here when somebody (Mr. C) is always asleep and the other somebody (me) is at work during the day. Thankfully, we both had Monday off together, and we were all awake! I'd like to say that we thoughtfully pondered MLK, but honestly...I was in house mode. I forgot all about the Inauguration and the MLK day part. I'm a bad teacher, but we accomplished a lot including installing locks on our doors, caulking the bathtubs, and painting around the house.

Micah decided he wanted to "help" us paint. So as I taped off our front door, he taped off the entertainment center door. 

I only got as far as priming the door with two coats, but I'm hoping to paint it a lovely navy blue at some point this week. 

See? It's actually looking better already even if it is just a primer. I can't wait to see it when it's done.

Also on the list? New kitchen countertops (for buyers not renters depending on the house situation), painting indoor trim around the house, painting the other two doors (garage and back), and working on the gutters in the backyard. Doesn't that sound like something you want to do?

So that's where we're at over the last week or so. Add in some sickness, a broken down car, keys left behind, computers left at home, and you've got our crazy life. I knew this post would be random, but man! I'm all over the place. Hope you are doing well!

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