Thursday, January 17, 2013

Inclement weather day.

It's been quite the week around here including an inclement weather day. I'd call it a snow day, but let's face it...not much happened much to my chagrin.

Now there is a word you don't use that often. Chagrin: a feeling of annoyance caused by disappointment or a disconcerting event.

Anywho. Back to the inclement weather day. The local Memphis weathermen were going on and on about this "weather event" that would cause mass chaos similar to the ice storm from the 90s! Beware! Beeeewaaaarrrre!

:Insert ridiculous laughter:

All those silly weathermen do is get my hopes up that I will be off of work while simultaneously winding up every child in the city convincing them there will be snow and no school. Only, it is almost always a big fat hoax. Bless their hearts.

We did get out a half day on Tuesday, but that was it. I was thankful for my half day, and I had a doctor's appointment for Micah today anyway. So off to work I went for a half day today followed by 
an afternoon with Dr. O. I could get used to working part-time. Is there anyway to be a part-time teacher?? Heh.Heh.

I'm not really sure what to think of this week in general. I'm still getting used to my student teacher being in my room every day. She was there only two days last semester. I'm so thankful for her help because this year has been rough on the teachers. Changes are coming swift and crazy in the education world. I love having an "assistant" to help me with all my stuff. What I'm worried about is the transitioning from her "assistant" role to being the "teacher" full time in a few weeks while I assist her. Eek! I have a way, way hard time giving up complete control of my classroom. I'm working through it.

I'm also working on my content word. It's a very hard word, isn't it? On the accountability front, I have limited my eating out staying content to eat what was in our fridge. Even if that meant hotdogs for dinner tonight. I've resisted the urge to buy any of the new cute clothes on my favorite internet boutique--Hazel & Olive. I'm also trying to retrain my thoughts from some negative ridiculousness to happyland. This is so hard for me! Why do I think about the negative all the time? It is not Christlike at all! This week I've been struggling with working again. Ok, I go back and forth on this topic, as you have seen on the blog, but there are days I think being a SAHM would be easier. I know it isn't easier. No grass is ever greener. That's just common sense and the truth. So I'm continuing to pray myself into contentment, but that is why I chose the word.

Have a great rest of your week!

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