Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012.

  After Christmas Eve with the grandparents, we came back to the house and started in on our own Christmas for Micah. Santa's elves were quick at work putting together a kitchen while Mommy finished wrapping some Christmas presents.
This year--especially with a move over our heads that didn't happen--has been a little too busy. We decorated low key with a small Christmas tree I borrowed from my mom.

Micah's Christmas via Instagram, and yes. Our son got a kitchen. He loves it!

Our tree at night all lit up.

Christmas morning brought Micah out very unsure of what in the world was happening.

He quickly jumped into the present opening, and Micah loved playing with his kitchen.

"Mommy! Phone! Look! Phone!"

We laughed because he was very unsure of the little four-wheeler. In fact, he would only push the button and walk with it. It took him a couple of days to actually ride it!

 C set up the tripod, and we used his remote to snap all these pics. The remote cost us nineteen dollars several vacations ago, but we love it! For the avid picture taker who wants to get everyone in the shot? It is well work the money for days like Christmas where no one wants to miss the action, but you still want the pictures. =)

 Micah got several big things including a kitchen and a four-wheeler. The other hit was this toddler train set & a Little People barn. It looks like he got a lot of presents, but the rest of those presents were books & puzzles. Poor kid. His mom is a teacher so lots of books!

 This is probably one of my favorite pictures of our Christmas morning! Micah engrossed in all his new things, and me with my man. Love that camera remote & tripod! =)

After Christmas, we packed up to head south to see our Mississippi family. It was a nice, calm Christmas morning with our small family of three. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day yourself!

Next year, I hope to add some actual traditions to our Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I read about the Jesse Tree on a few people's blogs this year. The cutest, most detailed explanation I saw was found here. It's a way of doing Advent with your children that teaches them the history of Christmas. I only linked back to the last day of her Jesse Tree, but I'm so excited to research this & prepare for next year! I'd also like to add a Happy Birthday, Jesus cake into our mix of holiday traditions. I want to make sure that Micah grows up knowing the true meaning of Christmas.

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