Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Two for the price of none?

Well, my friends. It has been a day! Whew! We officially lost two houses today, and I'm still not sure what exactly happened. I'm numb, and I'm upset. I'll be ok, but I'm kind of ready to decide and move. It's all about God, and not about me so I guess I have to get over it.

I started an online Bible study Jonah: Navigating Life's Interruptions through my blog/Twitter friend, Rikki. I think I really need this Bible study right now, but I wasn't really expecting it to fit into my life quite so quickly!

Let's go back to House #1, shall we? When we last left off, the flood plain had come back not in our favor. So we walked away. Except the owners basically came begging us to by her anyway. There are lots of details involved, and we started to dream. Again. For a second. A tiny millisecond. Then by Tuesday they were talking about raising the foundation two inches, and I went...What? Are you guys crazy? I'm not buying a house that they are trying to jack up the slab.

Yes, I meant that literally and figuratively.

Fast forward to what else was going on in the background. We went Monday afternoon to look at House #2 since talk of jacking up foundations was running a bit rampant. We saw this house months ago when we found House #1. Only now, House #2 had been drastically reduced. Let's just say, she was a steal. However, she was sitting on a main four lane road. So, we went to see her on Monday (still  waiting on additional answers from House #1) to reconsider our opinions of four lane roads, and the price was just right. We looked into all kind of things about House #2 and made the decision yesterday to go forward despite the busy street. Today, we were set to present an offer, and my real estate agent was all in "go" mode when she called me at 10 AM. We are three hours late, a deal has already been signed.

So somehow in the past twenty-four hours we have lost not one but two houses.

I have cried just a bit today. I'm not going to lie.

Tomorrow we are going to see two more houses. I'm going to keep praying for obvious answers from the Lord. It's pretty clear that he is closing lots of doors left and right. Hopefully, the correct door will come along soon. We also saw this house on Sunday, and it is on our list. Currently, we're researching more information regarding it. Maybe that is part of our problem? Too much research not enough jumping? However, if you knew all that we know about bad house deals now--you'd probably be slow, too.

In addition, my day included one screaming (literally) child, one child who cried for thirty minutes, two stray dogs who tried to attack me at school, one child who we almost left in the room because he was hiding behind a chair, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Excuse me while I go lie down.

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