Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mississippi Christmas 2012.

 After a small family Christmas morning in Memphis, we headed south to Mississippi to spend the majority of the day with Micah's Grandmommy & PawPaw, his aunt & uncle, and all the cousins. I have a wonderful extended "in law" side of the family, but they are not big fans of their pictures being on the internet. So to respect their wishes, I'm going to post some pictures we took of our three on the blog instead. =)

Micah did continue to rock the Christmas pajamas now into day number 2 at his Grandmommy's house. I was going to change him when we arrived, but his Grandmommy just thought they were the cutest things ever. So she asked me to keep him dressed in them for the day, and I obliged. 

 Micah certainly was spoiled this year by both sets of grandparents! He's going to really enjoy his wagon from them this spring when we head to the zoo.

 His cousin N was trying to jump in on the action.

 Micah also got a Cozy Coupe (yet to be assembled) from his Aunt C & Uncle C and the cousins. He's going to have a big ole time outdoors once it warms up this spring!

We opened gifts from C's family, and as always...they did way too much! We so enjoy spending time with them, and we hope everyone enjoyed the gifts we had also picked out for them. I got a couple of tears from them, so I know I did good this year. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating appetizers for lunch, hanging out, letting the kids play, and talking. After a while, we loaded up the car to head back to Memphis for my side of the family's Christmas. Yes, three Christmases in one day! We are crazy like that. It was a very happy Christmas with the Confident family in Mississippi.

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