Saturday, January 22, 2011

Operation crib. Night 5.

Well, this will be my final blog post about the stats of Micah adjusting to his new bed in his own room. I know this has been very boring for you! So sorry!

Last night I put him down at 8. He did this whimpering thing around 9. Barely a cry just like in his sleep? It was so cute. But I was so thankful it was just a whimper and not a wake up!
He woke up at midnight.
He woke up at four.
He woke up again at seven.

I set an alarm to do the usual eleven feeding that seems to take him mostly through the night. I was exhausted yesterday after the day of MOMs Bible study followed by trying to catch up at the house on Friday from missing Thursday. So...I went to bed with him at 8. When my alarm woke me up at 11 (signaling I needed to wake him to eat), I totally ignored it. I just let us sleep. So he slept from midnight to seven with only one wake up! Not bad, not bad.

I'll keep "tweeking" and listening to him to figure out a schedule. Maybe by next week he'll be in a good sleep pattern in his room. ;)

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  1. The whole schedule thing is really challenging. The two of you will figure something out eventually. Is he on a pretty regular schedule during the day now?