Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day #2.

When one thinks of Tennessee, they often think of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, the Vols, Rocky Top, hillbillies running around barefoot. Anyway, most of Tennessee is rather beautiful and full of hills, valleys, and mountaintops. Where I live is not so. We don't get that much snow, and what snow we do get? It is usually melted within twenty minutes. Imagine our surprise after having snowfall that STAYED ON THE GROUND A WEEK we got more! I mean, come on, we never have snow. Snow twice in almost two weeks? Snow that stuck? Insane!

This time I just took two little pictures for Micah to cherish one day. Who am I kidding? He'll be like any other man and hardly care about this blog. Maybe his wife will cherish it. Anyway...

Micah is mad about Mommy sitting him in the snowy chair.

Micah is equally mad about being held in the snowfall as the wind whipped around us.

Hope your snow day was as fun as ours was!

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