Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our first time at church.

Today we got up and took Micah to church for the first time! (Ok, this is a lie because I took him to Bellevue for a Bible study on Thursday, and we took you to a church close to our home on Wednesday night. Let's just say it is your first SUNDAY at church.) Currently we are searching for a church home, so we decided to take Micah to my parents' church for his first Sunday. What better way to go to church than with your parents and grandparents? =) Micah did wonderful (as always) and slept the whole time. We are becoming well aware we have an extremely happy baby!! (Thank goodness, right?) We weren't brave enough to make it to Sunday school or put you in the nursery yet. We're waiting for Micah to get his shots, and even then, I may wait a while on putting Micah the nursery. I'm sorry, but I don't want a two month old with the flu. I really should have gotten that flu shot while I was pregnant. Oh well.

Micah's Grandmommy (C's mom) gave him this newborn church outfit. Thankfully, we still fit in it. (Although I'm not sure for how long since he is getting big!)
Micah and his first church outfit up close.

Mommy and Micah ready to leave for church.
Mommy is wearing her maternity/nursing shirt since I'm still nursing. It is not near as flattering as regular clothing. What Daddy should have taken a picture of is my pre-maternity skirt that I am also sporting that fits now!! Yay for regular clothing!! Oh, how I missed thee.

Daddy and Micah ready for church. I think Micah got his daddy's cheeks, what about you?

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