Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our first major outing alone.

Today, Micah and I ventured out for our most exciting day yet! Bellevue Baptist is not far from where I live (the home of the late, great preacher Dr. Adrian Rogers), and they offer a wonderful Bible study for mothers on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I'm not a stay at home mom permanently (although I'm praying for the Lord to still work that out), but I am on a long maternity leave. Since the new Bible study was starting up this week, I thought why not join? I have several friends that go from different area churches, so I thought it would be fun to socialize with them while learning about Jesus. The Bible study is called Principles from Proverbs: Parenting Practically Perfect Progeny by Jean Stockdale. As an added bonus, not only do we get to discuss it in our MOMs group, but we get to hear Jean (the author) in person each week.

What a great study for a new mom--how to be a Godly mother. I can honestly say that this is the most overwhelming part of parenting for me these days. I can handle the dirty diapers, spit up, late nights, and crying fits. The thought of molding Micah's Christianity (Lord willing) as he grows up in our home? Watching me as his example of Godly living? Talking about hitting me over the head with a two by four of spiritual reality. Anyway, suffice to say, I'm excited to learn more. It's also a great use of my time off. At first, Mr. C and I disagreed a little about taking Micah out "so early" into public. Guess who wanted to keep him in? I thought six weeks was plenty of time especially since I planned on keeping Micah with me. I'm not quite ready to send him to the nursery yet. I guess I'm just stir crazy, and maybe I should be more wary of germs. Either way, we went on to Bible study and all was fine!

The rest of our "big day" included a trip to Bahama Breeze that night for dinner with Mommy's bunko friends. We had a great time, and Micah did so wonderful the entire day. He was a delight! He listened really well to Jean Stockdale, and I think he learned a whole, whole lot of spiritual insight into how he should raise his children. ;)

So, now here is what you really come to our blog for each time--the pictures of Micah. Haha! Please ignore the fact there is still a Christmas tree up for the world to see in the middle of January. I just now got cleared by my doctor to lift things. (We have one of those pull down attics, so I always have to hand the boxes to C to put away.)

This is the first time I got out Micah's stroller by myself. My friend Tami came to pick us up. I was amazed I had us ready to leave by 9AM. I still didn't want to pick up his heavy carseat, so I strolled him to Tami's car!

Up close picture of my sleeping little man as we prepare to leave.

Mommy and Micah--only the teddy bear and handle block Micah's head. Also, you can't see me that well either. Oh, well. We had a great day together, and I look forward to MOMs Bible study this week as well!

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