Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Operation crib. Night 1.

I didn't take pictures of this since I didn't want a flash to wake my son up. However, I thought I could record the happenings just so that I will be able to remember one day in the future. Last week, I started putting Micah in his crib when he fell asleep around 9 PM. Usually, I would wake him up or he wakes up around 11PM to eat. I like feeding him around 10:45-11:00 PM because he will give me a long stretch of sleep afterward until almost 3:00 AM, sometimes 3:30 AM! This follows a 3:30 feeding with a 6-6:30 AM feeding. Since I feel he's really only waking up about once to feed, now was the time to start the transition from his bassinet. Like I said before, last week I started to lay him down from 9-11 in his crib to get him accustomed to falling asleep in there. Then I'd feed him at 11 and put him down in our room for the rest of the night.

One problem has arisen with this method because our room has a sunburst window. It is that kind of window where all the light rushes in making Micah acutely aware it is daytime. Lots of times after eating at 6-6:30 AM, he won't go back down at all. It's bright in the room, he is happy and awake, we sing songs, and no more sleep for Mommy. So my mom suggested that I put him in his crib after that feeding since his room is at the back of the house and nice and dark with blackout curtains. I also started that last week, but I was getting frustrated this weekend playing musical beds with Micah. In the meantime, I've been sleeping on the couch since it it two steps from his bedroom. Since I'm still nursing, I'm especially lazy when it comes to walking across the house to feed him. I finally decided to try letting him sleep the whole night in his crib last night since he's going down nicely at the start and ending of the night. He's also sleeping so well at night, seemed like a good time.

Last night the booger woke up every hour, hour and a half, up to two hours crying. I guess he's just going to have to get used to it? Seriously, I was discouraged because I woke up exhausted. I'm not getting a full night's sleep at this point in time, but I do only wake up once from 11-6:30 versus his newborn days. I had flashbacks last night waking up so often. We're going to try it again tonight (I think) since he is seven weeks old today. Here's hoping for a better night tonight!

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  1. Isn't it funny how quickly "those newborn days" seem like ancient history? Good luck tonight! He'll find his rhythm soon enough.