Sunday, January 30, 2011

First family outing.

Today was a great celebration of Micah's two months in our lives! The weather this weekend was so beautiful, and we decided to get out to make the most of it. Memphis has opened up this new walking trail that goes throughout the entire city called the Green Line. We've heard so much about it, and we often drive through the city watching avid hikers, walkers, and cyclists. Mr. C and I have been curious about it ever since it opened, and there was one particular path along the river that I wanted to try.

Daddy C was so excited to take his son on the very first walk.

Mama C posing in front of the sign at the trail head.

The river. Not too much to look at, but at least it was a change of scenery from suburbia land.

I thought this bridge was pretty, and at one point there was water on both sides of us.

This is Mr. C's Please Don't Take Any More Pictures of Our Walk Face.

The baby, the bridge, and the mommy.

Peaceful serenity. Good conversation and time with family. Can't really beat time spent in God's creation, can you?

Our journey across the river.

We were deep in theological discussion at this point, and since he would no longer pose for a picture...I ambushed him! Actually, we were in a theological discussion about the churches in America and where the Lord was moving us as a family at this time in our lives. Great memories!

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