Monday, January 10, 2011

Tummy time and snow days.

Micah seems to be growing up way, way too fast. At first, he was just laying there. I figured he'd just lay there for a while...

Um, no. I seriously think I have the most active newborn/infant in America. I'm not sure what this will do for the future. Will he be running around my house at full speeds daring me to keep up with him? Not sure, but he is already doing so many things. He holds his head up extremely well, but he was doing that at two weeks. Not even kidding. Micah also wiggles a whole lot. He will buck out of your arms if you aren't careful. He looks around everywhere--especially at lights. He talks a lot when he is happy. That is when he is happy. This past weekend, he has not been a very happy baby much to our dismay. That's another tale for another day. At any rate, he has started smiling. So I tried to get a picture of it...
And I kept trying. I have about a hundred photos just like this one, but I'll spare you. Just know I kept attempting to get the moment on film. Hasn't really happened yet.
I've also started tummy time, but I'm not sure how frequently I'm supposed to do it or for how long. Moms out there? Hit a girl up in the comment section. I think I need to do it every day, but that honestly hasn't happened yet. If he is already unhappy, I haven't laid him down to make it worse this past weekend. Here he is on a happy day doing his tummy time. Almost rolling over! See, I have a very overactive child.
Then he either got mad, confused, or sick of being on his tummy. Although this face is a similar sight from our looooong weekend of crying madness.
At the end of the weekend (Sunday night) we started watching the snow fall outside in Tennessee. We're Southerners, so this unexpected drop of three inches of snowfall? Unexpectedly pleasant. Usually I'd be jumping for joy because I'm a teacher. Snow here means no school. On maternity leave? Just another day with my baby who was still unhappy somewhat today, too.

Here's Micah's first day in the snow with Mommy.
Micah's first day in the snow with Daddy. Yeah, notice my husband is in a fleece and pajama pants. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get this picture. We literally stepped out our front door. Mr. C stayed in his pjs, I handed him the baby, and I snapped a picture. Maybe next year, Micah will have some fun out in the snow.
This is our home in the snow. The cursed/blessed hill. We love our long driveway, but in the snow? This can be a treacherous mess to get in and out of our house.
Micah happy to be out of the cold.
Followed by a sudden burst of fussiness to get OUT of his snowsuit. I hope this phase or stomachache or acid or whatever it is ends soon. We love him so, but it has been a long weekend. Mommy is tired and wants her happy-almost-sleeps-through-the-whole-night baby back!

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  1. Try giving him tummy time a few times a day, just a few minutes at time. He's going to hate it. I don't think I've ever heard of a baby who didn't. Start with 2 or 3 minutes and work up to longer periods as he gets stronger and more used to it. He may always hate it, but c'est la vie.