Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sleepy baby.

Yesterday was a loooong day. I think there are times when parenting can be ridiculously "easy" and "fun" and everything is just clicking along, you know? Then there are days that seem endless. Never ending. Frustrating. Exhausting.

For some reason, yesterday was one of the long days for me. Micah was either in a mood or something. Every time I laid him down for a nap, he woke back up. He cried a lot which is unusual for him. I could not put him down because he just wanted to snuggle and be held. All of these things led to some frustration on my part because I just wanted a break, you know?

Cue dramatic music and drumroll.


I fed him at 8:30 and started trying to put him to bed. Nothing worked! Nothing! The child had been up most of the day, yet he fought sleep. Finally around 9:45 he fell out. Silence.

And I fell asleep on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy just knowing that my catnap would be interrupted around 11 pm for our usual feeding followed by a stumble to our bedroom after making sure his monitor was on. Do you know when I finally woke up?? DO YOU?

Oh, that'd be three in the morning as my husband was leaving for work. Was my baby up at this point? Um, no. In fact, he hadn't been up since around 9:45 pm. What on earth? Immediately I thought he must be dead or something, so I freaked out for a second. Then I realized, wait. Maybe, just maybe he's getting bigger. Maybe, just maybe he'll start to sleep longer. Oh, I hope that day comes soon. Until then...

I nursed him when he awoke at 3:30. I happily laid him back down where he proceeded to sleep until 8 AM.

Glorious does not even begin to describe it at all. I am not jinxing myself, but anytime he wants to do that again is fine by me.

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